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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


02m 9s

An Overview Of Adobe Encore CS6

06m 6s

Setting Up The Exercise Files

01m 46s

Relinking To Assets

06m 42s

Chapter: Understanding The Encore Workflow And Workspace

Explaining The Workflow

08m 36s

Considering Project Sizes

07m 20s

Starting A New Project

05m 37s

Navigating The Workspace

06m 11s

Customizing Workspaces

06m 28s

Adjusting Encore Preferences And Other Settings

10m 14s

Chapter: Importing Assets

Importing Assets

04m 43s

Importing Assets As Encore Elements

08m 47s

Importing Assets Using Adobe Dynamic Link

06m 12s

Working With AVCHD Files

04m 27s

Managing Assets In The Project Panel

07m 37s

Checking Transcoding Information

06m 0s

Chapter: Working With Timelines

Creating And Managing Timelines

10m 3s

Working With Audio In Timelines

07m 27s

Editing Assets In Timelines

10m 2s

Adding Chapter Markers And Poster Frames

10m 1s

Introducing Subtitles

04m 37s

Adding And Editing Subtitles

11m 48s

Understanding Closed Captioning

03m 16s

Chapter: Creating And Editing Slide Shows

Introducing Slide Shows

03m 40s

Creating And Arranging Slide Shows

07m 13s

Adding Audio And Adjusting Duration

06m 13s

Adjusting Slide Show Settings

07m 57s

Adding Text To Slides

07m 14s

Applying Transitions, Motion, Slide Size

05m 47s

Chapter: Making Playlists

Explaining The Two Types Of Playlists

02m 25s

Building A Playlist

04m 52s

Creating Chapter Playlists

04m 54s

Chapter: Adding And Editing Menus From The Library

Introducing Menus

10m 49s

Opening Menus From The Library

07m 33s

Doing Basic Menu Editing

12m 30s

Adding And Editing Text In Menus

07m 58s

Applying Styles To Menu Objects

08m 21s

Chapter: Creating Menus From Scratch

Adding And Adjusting Backgrounds From The Library

09m 1s

Using Objects From The Library

11m 25s

Using Replacement Layers

10m 34s

Adding Assets From The Project Panel

04m 39s

Adding Images And Backgrounds To The Library

09m 37s

Using Photoshop To Create And Edit Menus

11m 16s

Chapter: Using Specialized Menus

Creating Pop-Up Menus For Blu-ray And Flash

08m 25s

Setting Up Multi-Page Menus For Blu-ray And Flash

10m 47s

Using A Chapter Index To Create Linked Submenus

06m 33s

Chapter: Working With Buttons

Understanding Buttons

06m 4s

Routing Buttons And Setting The Menu Default Button

10m 14s

Creating Buttons From Graphics Or Text

10m 45s

Explaining And Editing Button Subpictures

08m 52s

Adjusting Menu Color Sets

11m 40s

Using Hidden Buttons To Create "Easter Eggs

16m 6s

Chapter: Working With Video And Audio In Menus

Understanding Motion Menus

07m 40s

Adding Video Background And Audio To A Menu

09m 14s

Working With Video Thumbnail Buttons

08m 29s

Adjusting Menu Timing And Looping

09m 21s

Creating Motion Menus With Premiere Pro And After Effects

14m 33s

Adding Button Link Transition Videos

03m 26s

Chapter: Setting Up Project Navigation

Understanding Navigation

02m 45s

Designating The "First Play" Asset

04m 32s

Setting Disc Properties And Navigation

08m 21s

Specifying User Operations

05m 17s

Chapter: Specifying Links

Specifying Links: Multiple Methods

08m 7s

Setting Button Names From Links

04m 51s

Using Buttons To Change Subtitle And Audio Tracks

07m 25s

Designating End Actions

07m 36s

Overriding End Actions

04m 59s

Using The Flowchart To Set Links And End Actions

05m 13s

Chapter: Testing And Exporting Your Project

Checking And Fixing Your Project (Preview, Button Routing, Flowchart, Check Project)

08m 52s

Explaining Copy-Protection And Region Coding

03m 4s

Building A DVD - Blu-ray Disc - Flash Project

06m 17s

About Digital Juice - Stock Footage

01m 19s

Author Bio

01m 29s