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Chapter: What Is Adobe Edge Animate CC?

Introduction To Adobe Edge Animate CC

01m 17s

About The Author

00m 41s

Edge Animate CC For Flash Users

01m 3s

Edge Animate CC For After Effects Users

01m 6s

Edge Animate CC For Photoshop Users

01m 9s

How To Access Your Working Files

02m 45s

Chapter: Interface Basics

Interface Overview

01m 51s

Arranging Your Workspace

01m 46s


01m 8s


01m 15s

The Tools

01m 54s

Using The Timeline

03m 38s

The Elements Window

01m 1s

Using The Library

01m 24s

Using The Code Panel

03m 13s

Using Filters

03m 33s

Chapter: Shortcut Keys


00m 50s

Stage View

01m 33s


01m 37s

Chapter: Importing Images

Importing Images

01m 55s

Photoshop Integration

04m 54s

Illustrator Integration

06m 7s

Best Practices For Image

01m 42s

Chapter: The Code Pane

Timeline Triggers

03m 23s

Element Actions

02m 54s

Viewing The Full Code

02m 52s

Chapter: Exploring Type

Text Tool Overview

01m 54s

Text Properties

02m 0s

Using Web Fonts

01m 41s

Using Custom Web Fonts

01m 55s

Animating Type

03m 16s

Chapter: Basic Animation

Setting Up Keyframes

03m 49s

Animating Text

03m 16s

Animating Clipping

03m 23s

Animating In Symbols

04m 47s

Creating Loops

03m 1s

Motion Paths

04m 1s

Easing In And Out

02m 1s

Using The Toggle Pin

03m 15s

Animating CSS filters

02m 16s

Chapter: Using Symbols

Creating Symbols

03m 59s

Editing Symbols

03m 23s

Nesting Symbols

04m 22s

Symbol Instance Names

02m 1s

Chapter: A Simple Site - Colors

Colors Site Overview

00m 44s

Creating The Labels

01m 44s

Setting Shape Colors

02m 6s

Buttons And Coding

06m 20s

Using The Code Window

02m 59s

Changing The Cursor

02m 1s

Chapter: Creating A Multi-State Button

Creating Labels For Buttons

04m 33s

Coding The Button States

04m 47s

Importing Button Images

06m 32s

Adding Text To Buttons

02m 17s

Adding Navigation

05m 41s

Adding Advanced Text To Buttons

07m 47s

Chapter: Creating A Drop-Menu

Creating The Initial State

05m 40s

Creating The Expanded State

05m 32s

Closing The Menu

05m 27s

Adding New Menus

08m 38s

Chapter: Audio

Audio File Formats

03m 11s

Audio On The Timeline

03m 47s

Controlling Audio Volume

02m 13s

Adding Sound To Buttons

02m 46s

Creating The Audio On/Off Toggle Button

04m 45s

Toggling Music With A Button

02m 45s

Chapter: Responsive Staging

Scaling Stage Using Width And Height

02m 20s

Centre Stage

01m 36s

Failover Images - Down Level Stage

03m 12s

Responsive Scaling

02m 7s

Chapter: Using Templates

Starting From A Template

03m 9s

Creating A Template

02m 44s

Importing Templates

03m 6s

Exporting And Sharing Templates

02m 25s

Chapter: File Exports

Exporting For HTML

02m 43s

Publishing OAM Files

01m 36s

Exporting For WordPress

01m 0s

Chapter: Wrap-Up


00m 41s