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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What You Will Learn

05m 20s

About Andy

02m 58s

Combining Premiere Elements 11 And 12

01m 14s

Video Production Workflow

05m 26s

Organizing A Video Project

05m 47s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Using The Working Files And Organizer

03m 44s

Chapter: Getting Ready For Primetime

Getting Ready For Primetime

01m 9s

Working With Application Preferences

07m 12s

Adjusting Project Settings

02m 39s

Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

05m 10s

Walking Through The Application

05m 15s

Generating A New Project

09m 53s

Saving A Premiere Elements Project

03m 22s

Chapter: You Are Only As Good As Your Materials

Only As Good As Your Materials

01m 27s

Capturing Media

11m 37s

Creating The Project - Chapter 3

01m 59s

Capture From DSLR Cameras

04m 4s

Capture From Tape Devices

07m 32s

Capturing Digital Video

03m 33s

Importing Digital Files

01m 39s

Dealing With Missing Media

03m 17s

Organizing The Assets Panel

02m 53s

Adding New Items From The Assets Panel

02m 24s

Working in Guided View

02m 9s

Chapter: Editing 101

Editing 101

00m 57s

Creating The Project - Chapter 4

02m 22s

Viewing Clips With The Video Monitor

06m 21s

Editing Clips In The Video Monitor

05m 53s

Quick View Versus Expert View

04m 21s

Timeline Clip Trimming

07m 51s

Cutting, Inserting And Overlaying Clips

06m 33s

Putting It All Together

08m 42s

Chapter: Color Correction Basics

Introduction To Color Correction

01m 55s

Generating The Project - Chapter 5

02m 8s

Working With Auto And Color Presets

07m 8s

Manually Adjusting Color

06m 6s

Controlling The Exposure Of A Video Clip

05m 39s

3-Way Color Correction

06m 23s

Pulling It All Together - Chapter 5

08m 15s

Using Auto Smart Tone

02m 3s

Chapter: Working With Effects

Introduction To Effects

01m 33s

Generating The Project - Chapter 6

02m 44s

Working With Smart Fix

04m 3s

Adding, Modifying, And Removing Effects

06m 21s

Saving Effects As Presets

04m 26s

Creating A Backlighting Preset

06m 58s

Using Time Stretch

03m 30s

Generating A PiP Effect

06m 23s

Creating An Aged Film Effect And More

02m 45s

Controlling The Elements Of A Video - Motion Tracking

04m 55s

Applying Video Adjustments To Multiple Layers

04m 33s

Pulling It All Together - Chapter 6

04m 46s

Chapter: Working With Audio

Introduction To Working With Audio

01m 35s

Generating The Project - Chapter 7

02m 21s

Assembling The Clips - Chapter 7

03m 50s

Editing Shortcuts

10m 2s

Adding Audio Effects

08m 3s

Creating A Narration

04m 17s

Generating A Soundtrack With SmartSound

06m 16s

Adding A Musical Score To A Video Clip

05m 3s

Adding Interest With Sound Effects

03m 18s

Pulling It All Together - Chapter 7

04m 2s

Chapter: Creating Transitions And Other Effects

Introduction To Transitions And Effects

01m 20s

Generating The Project - Chapter 8

04m 7s

Adding Motion Graphics

08m 8s

Using Time Remapping

03m 21s

Using Pan And Zoom

03m 52s

Working With Markers

07m 46s

Creating Manual Transitions

05m 21s

Using Built-In Transitions

08m 9s

Chapter: Adding Titles And Credits

Introduction To Titles And Credits

01m 4s

Generating The Project - Chapter 9

02m 57s

Adding A Soundtrack

04m 33s

Assembling The Clips - Chapter 9

02m 52s

Adding An Effect

05m 47s

Working With Basic Text

07m 5s

Creating A Title

04m 48s

Pulling It All Together - Chapter 9

05m 55s

Chapter: Additional Features

Introduction To Additional Features

01m 23s

Working With Smart Trim

06m 25s

Using Video Merge And Alpha Masks

09m 45s

Creating An Instant Movie

06m 28s

Generating An Effects Mask

05m 52s

Creating A DVD Movie Menu

07m 55s

Making A White Screen Video

04m 19s

Chapter: Post Production Output

Introduction To Output

00m 59s

Generating The Project - Chapter 11

02m 15s

Adding Elements To The Timeline

07m 6s

Adding DVD Markers

05m 13s

Creating An Interactive DVD Menu

08m 28s

Outputting To DVD And Web DVD

06m 55s

Additional Output Options

04m 51s

Final Thoughts

01m 20s