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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And What To Expect From This Course

01m 8s

About The Author

03m 10s

Course Overview

03m 44s

About The A+ Exams

05m 40s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Operational Procedures

Dealing With ESD

05m 50s

Personal Safety

05m 25s

MSD Documentation

04m 0s

Power Issues

06m 30s

Airborne Particles Protection

06m 16s

Chapter: PC Hardware

Understanding BIOS

04m 38s

Configuring BIOS - Part 1

05m 55s

Configuring BIOS - Part 2

02m 48s

Motherboard Basics - Part 1

05m 32s

Motherboard Basics - Part 2

04m 50s

Expansion Slots

05m 46s

Expansion Slot Types - Part 1

05m 17s

Expansion Slot Types - Part 2

06m 23s

Getting Power

07m 8s


06m 42s

Chapter: Memory And Storage

Ram Basics

06m 3s

Ram Types - Part 1

06m 38s

Ram Types - Part 2

04m 16s

Expansion Cards

06m 38s

Storage Devices

05m 21s

Optical Drives

06m 41s

Combo Drives And Burners

04m 52s

Flash Drives - Part 1

05m 33s

Flash Drives - Part 2

06m 25s

Hard Drive Basics

06m 43s

Connection Types

05m 27s

Understanding Raid

06m 31s

SCSI Drives

04m 2s

Chapter: Connectors, Cables, And Pins

Connectors, Cables, And Pins

02m 51s

CPU Sockets - Part 1

05m 21s

CPU Sockets - Part 2

03m 36s

CPU Characteristics - Part 1

06m 6s

CPU Characteristics - Part 2

05m 54s

CPU Cooling

05m 48s

Display Connector Types

06m 22s

Device Connectors - Part 1

05m 18s

Device Connectors - Part 2

06m 20s


04m 4s

Chapter: Networking

Network Cables And Connectors

02m 22s

Twisted Pair Cable

06m 37s

Coaxial Cable

06m 9s

Fiber Cable

06m 2s

Network Topologies

05m 27s

Bus Networks

06m 6s

Ring Networks

04m 57s

Star Networks

06m 2s

Mesh Networks

03m 57s

Hybrid Networks

06m 37s

Network Types

06m 34s

Chapter: Wireless Networking

Wireless Basics

06m 32s

IEEE Standards - Part 1

05m 18s

IEEE Standards - Part 2

05m 5s

Wireless Encryption Types

05m 16s

Basic Security

06m 36s

Chapter: TCP/IP

TCP/IP Basics

06m 45s

The TCP/IP Address - Part 1

06m 9s

The TCP/IP Address - Part 2

04m 13s


06m 24s

Public, Private, And APIPA

06m 35s

Static And Dynamic Addressing

06m 32s

Understanding DHCP

05m 44s


05m 58s

TCP And UDP Ports

06m 31s

Common Protocols And Ports

05m 42s

Chapter: Network Devices

Hubs And Switches

05m 14s


05m 40s


05m 10s


03m 33s

Network Tools

06m 6s

Chapter: Laptops

Portable Computing

04m 36s

Laptop Expansion

05m 9s

Laptop Displays

05m 23s

Docking Station Or Port Replicator

03m 39s

Chapter: Printers

Printer Basics

04m 28s

Laser Printing Process - Part 1

03m 38s

Laser Printing Process - Part 2

05m 38s

Inkjet Printers

03m 25s

Thermal Printers

02m 24s

Impact Printers

02m 56s

Managing And Installing Printers

05m 23s

Chapter: The Soft Side Of Computing

The Soft Side Of Computing

06m 33s

The Magic Of Communication

05m 10s

Controlling Distractions

05m 6s

Difficult Customers

03m 52s

Confidential Materials

03m 32s

Prohibited Content Handling

03m 47s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

03m 42s