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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To Adobe Illustrator

03m 53s

Working With The Exercise Files

01m 56s

Chapter: The First Step

Introduction - Chapter 2

01m 28s

Vector Versus Raster

04m 19s

Working Smart With Illustrator Preferences

06m 25s

A Peek At The Illustrator Interface

05m 28s

Working With Illustrator Panels

04m 59s

The Amazing Control Panel

03m 31s

Creating & Saving Workspaces

04m 40s

Chapter: Controlling What You Do

Introduction - Chapter 3

02m 39s

Intent To Print

04m 35s

Intent To Web

03m 58s

Working With Multiple Documents

02m 49s

Working With View And Navigation

05m 37s

Creative Uses Of Grids And Guides

09m 2s

You Are What You Measure

03m 34s

Preview Modes

04m 0s

Controlling The Illustrator Views

02m 30s

Hiding And Locking Illustrator Objects

03m 28s

Illustrator Artboards

04m 31s

Chapter: Selecting And Working With Illustrator Objects

Introduction - Chapter 4

01m 24s

Fine-Tuning Selection

04m 58s

Group & Direct Selection Techniques

06m 23s

The Magical Magic Wand

04m 9s

The Lasso Tool

02m 31s

Attribute Selection Techniques

05m 14s

Isolation Mode & Group Selection

04m 46s

Size Matters

05m 17s

Rotating Illustrator Objects

03m 56s

Using The Distort Tools

06m 59s

Making A Kansas Sun Flower

04m 39s

Chapter: Illustrator CS6 And Color Management

Introduction - Chapter 5

01m 27s

Designing With Intent

03m 20s

Colorsync Management

04m 29s

The Global Color Swatch Option

06m 17s

The World Of Spot Colors

03m 35s

Gaining Control With Color Groups

02m 4s

Finding Inspiration With Color Libraries

02m 55s

Working With ASE And AI Color Files

03m 28s

Maintaining Harmony With Color Guide, And Kuler

03m 55s

Chapter: Working With Shapes, Fills, And Strokes

Introduction - Chapter 6

01m 11s

Basic Shapes - Part 1

10m 34s

Basic Shapes - Part 2

05m 52s

It's All In The Math

03m 31s

Working With Fills

05m 54s

Strokes 101

06m 58s

Adding Dash Lines & Arrows

07m 32s

Varying The Width Of A Stroke

07m 2s

Converting Strokes To Illustrator Objects

03m 28s

The World Of Illustrator Gradients

07m 5s

Working With The New Patterns Panel

06m 35s

Chapter: Understand Anchors And Paths

Introduction - Chapter 7

01m 8s

Paths 101

03m 43s

Anchors 101

06m 20s

Working With Open & Closed Paths

03m 17s

Utilizing The Join & Average Commands

03m 40s

The Scissors & Knife Tools

05m 29s

Chapter: Creating And Managing Vector-Based Shapes

Introduction - Chapter 8

01m 5s

Controlling Object Stacking Order

05m 51s

The Pathfinder Panel - Part 1

10m 39s

The Pathfinder Panel - Part 2

05m 10s

Going Beyond The Pathfinder Panel

05m 18s

The Symbol Sprayer Tool

07m 15s

Creating Custom Symbols

05m 25s

Painting In A Vector Application

06m 33s

Chapter: The Ubiquitous Pen Tool

Introduction - Chapter 9

01m 36s

Pen Tool 101

04m 30s

Generating Paths With The Pen Tool

06m 12s

Adding, Deleting & Converting Anchor Points

04m 3s

It's All About Control

04m 35s

Working With Smart Guides & The Pen Tool

07m 22s

Chapter: The Illustrator Type Connection

Introduction - Chapter 10

00m 59s

Point Type Vs. Container Type

09m 2s

Converting Objects To Type Containers

06m 34s

Adding Type To A Straight Or Curved Path

05m 41s

Working With The Character And Paragraph Panels

13m 39s

Working With Character And Paragraph Styles

06m 12s

Threading Text Between Paths And Containers

03m 53s

Controlling Text With The Eyedropper

06m 36s

Adding Complex Text To A Circle

07m 5s

Converting Text Into An Outline

04m 24s

Chapter: Working With Effects Options And The Appearance Panel

Introduction - Chapter 11

01m 10s

Setting Effects Options

04m 22s

Effects Manipulation

05m 34s

The Amazing Appearance Panel

04m 31s

Converting Vector To Raster

05m 29s

Working With 3D Effects

07m 49s

Creating Faux Neon With The Appearance Panel

08m 37s

Chapter: Working With The Illustrator Panel

Introduction - Chapter 12

01m 2s

Layers 101

03m 54s

Creating Layers And Moving Objects

04m 52s

Controlling Layer Options

02m 37s

Managing Layer Panel Options

09m 44s

Opacity And Blending Modes

03m 57s

Chapter: Working With Images And Masks

Introduction - Chapter 13

01m 15s

Importing Images Into Adobe Illustrator

05m 5s

Modifying Images In Adobe Illustrator

03m 6s

Defining A Clipping Path

03m 45s

Importing A Clipping Path

06m 57s

Creating A Clipping Path From Text

03m 13s

Generating An Opacity Mask

08m 25s

Creating Masks With Compound Paths

04m 23s

Chapter: Down And Dirty Illustrator Tricks

Introduction - Chapter 14

01m 28s

Using Illustrators Improved Tracing Features

09m 18s

Working With Live Paint

06m 55s

Understanding Envelope Distort

08m 9s

Illustrator And Flash Animation

06m 36s

Creating Custom Illustrator Brushes

10m 3s

Cool Blending Option Tricks

05m 42s

The Amazing Mesh Tool

05m 11s

Chapter: Beginning With The End In Mind

Introduction - Chapter 15

01m 24s

From Adobe Illustrator To The Web

12m 3s

The World Of Portable Document Files

05m 11s

From Computer To Paper

08m 27s

Tips And Tricks On Saving

04m 2s