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Table of Contents

Chapter: Before We Begin

What Will I Be Able To Do At The End Of This Course

03m 47s

The New PowerPoint 2010 Interface Views And Ribbons

05m 8s

The File Menu In PowerPoint 2010

08m 42s

Customizing The Quick Access Toolbar

04m 9s

Using The Files Provided With PowerPoint 2010

01m 46s

Chapter: Getting Started - Part 1

Starting PowerPoint And A New Presentation

04m 50s

Saving Presentations

04m 26s

Opening And Closing Existing Presentations

03m 44s

Working With More Than One Presentation Open At The Same Time

04m 15s

Screen Layout Options And Zooming

03m 16s

Turn On And Off The Ruler Gridlines And Guides

04m 37s

Adding Extra Slides

04m 48s

Entering Text Onto Slides

05m 33s

Copy And Paste Slide Content

04m 47s

Undo And Redo

03m 11s

Changing The Slide Layout Of An Existing Slide

03m 52s

Spellchecking A Presentation

04m 59s

Chapter: Slide Design

Using A Presentation Theme

05m 22s

Change Font Style Size And Color

05m 9s

Controlling Your Bullet Point Styles

07m 32s

Paragraph Formatting

07m 7s

Superscript And Subscript

03m 3s

Managing Autocorrect In PowerPoint

07m 39s

Chapter: Charts And Graphs

Adding Charts To A Presentation

05m 34s

Editing The Data For The Chart

02m 27s

Change The Chart Type

03m 9s

Using A Different Layout And Style

03m 52s

Changing Chart Layout Options

06m 5s

Formatting A Chart

04m 58s

Pie Chart Specific Formatting

04m 58s

Add A Chart To A Slide Without A Chart Placeholder

01m 52s

Removing A Chart From A Slide

01m 16s

Chapter: Organization Charts

Adding A Slide With An Organization Chart

03m 27s

Insert An Organizational Chart On Any Slide

02m 55s

Adding A New Box To The Chart

04m 0s

Remove A Box From The Organization Chart

02m 12s

Rearranging Box Order Promoting And Demoting

02m 55s

Edit The Organization Chart Layout

03m 49s

Altering The Style Of The Chart And Or Individual Boxes

04m 43s

Removing An Organization Chart From A Presentation

01m 26s

Chapter: Using Clip Art, Smart Art Or Images

Inserting A Piece Of Clip Art

02m 49s

Inserting Clip Art To Any Slide

01m 57s

Moving And Resizing Clip Art

04m 23s

Remove Clip Art From A Slide

01m 40s

Adding Moving Resizing And Removing Your Own Photographs

03m 44s

Using The Picture Tools Ribbon For Photograph Enhancements

05m 3s

Inserting A Smart Art Object To A Slide

05m 17s

Customizing The Smart Art Graphic

05m 44s

Removing A Smart Art Graphic

01m 9s

Chapter: Word Art And Managing Drawing Objects

Add Word Art To A Slide

02m 53s

Editing Word Art Content And Style

05m 5s

Removing A Piece Of Word Art

01m 7s

Adding Drawn Shapes To A Slide

04m 7s

Formatting A Drawn Shape

04m 56s

Advanced Editing Of A Shape

02m 54s

Remove A Drawing Object

00m 56s

Aligning Multiple Objects On A Slide

04m 30s

Controlling Stacking Order And Grouping Shapes As One

05m 16s

Chapter: Managing The Presentation

Exploring The Views Available In PowerPoint

02m 40s

Changing The Display Order Of Slides

03m 24s

Deleting And Hiding Slides

03m 51s

Insert Slides From Another Presentation

03m 6s

Chapter: Running A Slideshow

Running Your Presentation

02m 27s

Useful Keyboard Commands During A Slideshow

03m 8s

Drawing On A Slide Whilst Running The Slideshow

02m 40s

PowerPoint Laser Pointer For Use During A Slideshow

01m 32s

Rehearsing And Setting Slide Show Timings

03m 40s

Record Narration For A Slideshow

04m 28s

Setting Up A Slideshow

04m 31s

Creating And Using A Custom Show

03m 46s

Saving As A PowerPoint Show

02m 37s

Broadcasting A Presentation In Real Time Across The Internet

05m 42s

Chapter: Office Web Apps And PowerPoint

What Is Office Web Apps

03m 16s

Sign In To Or Sign Up For Your Own SkyDrive

03m 27s

Uploading Files To Your SkyDrive

02m 9s

Saving A PowerPoint Presentation Directly Into SkyDrive

04m 38s

Accessing And Editing A Presentation Through SkyDrive

04m 6s

Telling Others Where Your SkyDrive Public Documents Are

02m 4s

Direct Linking Or Embedding Of SkyDrive Documents

02m 59s

Creating A Folder Structure Within SkyDrive

01m 48s

Moving Copying And Deleting Files On SkyDrive

04m 14s

Editing Sharing Permissions On Folders In SkyDrive

06m 46s

Chapter: Templates

Using The Microsoft Supplied PowerPoint Templates

05m 40s

Designing Saving And Using Your Own Template

03m 52s

Chapter: Animation

Adding Transition Effects To Slides

06m 47s

Adding An Animation Effect To An Object On A Slide

04m 12s

Copying An Animation Effect To Another Object

03m 52s

Previewing Animation Effects

02m 54s

Adding A Secondary (Exit) Animation Effect To An Object

05m 10s

Making An Animation Object Follow A Path

06m 53s

Managing The Order In Which Animations Occur

04m 42s

Change The Animation Effect Assigned To An Object

02m 45s

Removing An Animation Effect From An Object

01m 50s

Changing The Trigger For An Animation Effect

04m 2s

Editing The Effect Options For An Animation Effect

06m 28s

Animating Charts And Smart Art

08m 47s

Chapter: Speaker Notes

Adding Speaker Notes

03m 8s

Control Layout Of Notes Page Using The Notes Master

07m 43s

Adding A Footer A Header Page Number And Date To The Notes Pages

05m 49s

Printing The Notes Pages - Chapter 13

01m 33s

Chapter: Master Views

Overview And Accessing The Master View

04m 23s

Changing Slide Background Colours

04m 50s

Add A Image As Your Presentation Background

03m 3s

Add A Company Logo To Every Slide

04m 21s

Include A Footer Slide Number And Or Date On Slides

05m 20s

Animating The Slide Master

03m 21s

Using The Handout Master

06m 10s

The Need For Multiple Slide Masters

06m 25s

Chapter: Printing

Printing Slides

04m 55s

Printing The Presentations Text Content Using Outline View

01m 44s

Printing Handouts

04m 34s

Printing The Notes Pages - Chapter 15

02m 50s

Chapter: Tables

Inserting Tables Onto Slides

04m 33s

Entering Text Into A Table

03m 5s

Inserting And Removing Rows And Columns

04m 42s

Adjusting Row Height And Or Column Width

04m 24s

Merging Multiple Cells Into One Or Splitting One Cell Into Many

04m 28s

Table Styles Explained

03m 35s

Custom Formatting Of Table Colors And Borders

05m 51s

Removing A Table

01m 49s

Chapter: Flowcharts

Adding A Flowchart Diagram

05m 25s

Linking The Flowchart Boxes Together

03m 46s

Aligning And Rotating Flowchart Objects

03m 58s

Enhancing Flowchart Objects

04m 31s

Adding Yes No To Decision Boxes

02m 38s

Chapter: Sections

Logical Division Of A Presentation Into Sections

03m 40s

Renaming Sections

01m 44s

Removing Section Breaks

02m 26s

Chapter: Embedding External Files

Embedding And Linking Program Objects

07m 6s

Embedding Linked Excel Charts

05m 18s

Chapter: Multimedia

Adding A Video File

04m 1s

Enhance The Formatting Of A Video Clip

04m 48s

Editing A Video Within PowerPoint

02m 25s

Controlling Video Playback During A Slideshow

02m 40s

Adding Flash (SWF) Files

05m 16s

Linking Instead Of Embedding Media Clips

02m 8s

Chapter: Action Buttons

Adding An Action Button

05m 33s

Use An Action Button To Run Another Program

04m 56s

Change The Action Associated With An Action Button

03m 21s

Format An Action Button

05m 28s

Removing An Action Button

00m 43s

Action Buttons In The Master

08m 51s

Chapter: Exporting And Importing

Prepare Your Presentation For Sharing And Distribution

07m 38s

Adding Slides From An External Text File

05m 6s

Set Permissions Before Distribution

02m 54s

Distributing The Presentation By Email

03m 19s

Sending Slides To Microsoft Word

03m 35s

Using The Package For CD Command

03m 55s

Create a Video (WMV) From A Presentation

04m 11s

Chapter: PowerPoint Extras

Create A Photo Album

07m 26s

Capturing And Displaying Screenshots

03m 24s

Chapter: Credits

About The Author

01m 30s