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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Corona

About This Course

02m 10s

Using The Working Files

00m 52s

Downloading And Setting Up Corona

03m 0s

Exploring Sample Projects

01m 29s

Creating Your First Corona Project

01m 58s

Chapter: Getting Started With Lua

Setting And Getting Variables

05m 20s

Creating And Using Tables

07m 42s

Defining And Using Functions

07m 4s

Creating And Using Conditional Statements

05m 36s

Creating And Using For-loops

03m 48s

Understanding Variable Scope

03m 36s

Chapter: Shapes, Images, And Text

Creating Basic Geometric Shapes

06m 20s

Creating Local And Remote Images

06m 52s

Manipulating Images

02m 19s

Creating Text

04m 55s

Using Custom Fonts

03m 30s

Grouping Objects

04m 14s

Dynamic Image Resolution

02m 59s

Setting Image Masks

01m 51s

Monitoring Texture Memory

03m 3s

Removing Display Objects

02m 5s

Capturing The Screen

02m 7s

Creating Images Using Image Sheets

08m 7s

Chapter: Events And Interaction

Creating Event Listeners

11m 34s

Handling Touch Events

07m 42s

Handling Runtime Events

07m 7s

Understanding The Self Keyword

06m 51s

Creating A Reusable Button Class

07m 25s

Making An Object Draggable

03m 12s

Firing Custom Events

05m 48s

Handling Multi-Touch Events

04m 57s

Handling Device Orientation Events

04m 46s

Handling System Events

03m 34s

Changing Scenes With The Storyboard API

08m 13s

Chapter: Timers And Animation

Creating Timers

06m 0s

Animating Display Objects

03m 5s

Setting The Callback Function Of An Animation

04m 39s

Sequencing Multiple Animations By Using Delays

04m 42s

Creating Animations Using Image Sheets

10m 24s

Chapter: Physics Engine

Creating Simple Physics Bodies

05m 44s

Setting Physics World And Body Properties

04m 6s

Creating Complex Physics Bodies - Part 1

01m 4s

Creating Complex Physics Bodies - Part 2

04m 15s

Detecting Collisions

10m 8s

Using Collision Filters

07m 17s

Applying Force, Impulse, And Damping

05m 34s

Making Physics Bodies Act As Bullets Or Sensors

07m 15s

Chapter: Physics Joints

Creating A Weld Joint

04m 55s

Creating A Distance Joint

03m 21s

Creating A Pivot Joint

05m 49s

Creating A Piston Joint

04m 12s

Creating A Touch Joint

05m 5s

Chapter: Hardware And Multimedia

Detecting Device Information

02m 27s

Playing Sound And Music

06m 6s

Setting Volume Changes

07m 26s

Taking Photos

04m 59s

Playing Video With The Media API

02m 42s

Playing Native Video

04m 6s

Setting The Device To Vibrate

02m 0s

Using The Accelerometer

05m 38s

Chapter: GPS And The Map View

Creating A Map View

03m 45s

Returning User Location

04m 19s

Querying Locations And Setting Pins

02m 42s

Reverse Geocoding

05m 2s

Chapter: Capturing User Input

Using Text Fields

07m 38s

Using Text Boxes

03m 11s

Calling A Native Alert Dialog

03m 35s

Calling A Native Activity Indicator

02m 4s

Sending An E-mail

02m 55s

Sending A Text (SMS Message)

01m 46s

Chapter: User Interface Widgets

Creating A Button

10m 25s

Creating A Picker Wheel

08m 27s

Creating A Table View

12m 38s

Creating A Slider

09m 16s

Creating A Scroll View

03m 31s

Creating A Tab Bar

15m 16s

Masking Widgets

02m 33s

Creating An Interactive Form - Part 1

08m 24s

Creating An Interactive Form - Part 2

03m 2s

Chapter: File And Data Management

Reading And Writing Data To Files

05m 37s

Reading And Parsing JSON Data

08m 24s

Creating And Writing To A Database

07m 43s

Reading And Updating A Database Record

05m 14s

Deleting A Database Record Or Table

02m 24s

Connecting The Interactive Form To A Database

10m 35s

Saving A Display Object As A JPEG

06m 28s

Chapter: Web Views And The Network API

Determining Reachability

04m 11s

Creating A Web Popup

08m 18s

Creating A Native Web View On iOS

03m 22s

Chapter: Debugging And Resource Management

Reading Common Error Messages

07m 58s

Removing Objects Thoroughly

11m 2s

Checking Available Memory

03m 31s

Chapter: Finishing Touches And Device Testing

Setting Status Bar Appearance

03m 28s

About App Icons And Splash Screens

04m 13s

Revisiting The Build Settings file

03m 3s

Building For iOS Devices

06m 29s

Chapter: About The Author

Learn About Me

01m 52s