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Table of Contents

Chapter: Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

Chapter 1 Introduction

00m 55s

About Andy

02m 58s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Started

Chapter 2 Introduction

00m 29s

Opening Elements 12

03m 5s

Working With Tool Options

03m 41s

Bins And Workspaces

04m 56s

Navigation In The Expert Mode

04m 17s

Working Smart With Multiple Windows

02m 19s

Grids, Guides, And Rulers

05m 58s

History And Multiple Undo

03m 50s

Working With Gestures

02m 17s

Eliminating Repetitive Tasks With Actions

03m 57s

Chapter: Importing Images

Chapter 3 Introduction

00m 26s

Grabbing Images From External Devices

06m 9s

Importing Images From Files And Folders

02m 53s

Chapter: The Elements Organizer

Chapter 4 Introduction

00m 37s

The Elements Organizer Interface

05m 2s

Accessing Image Information

05m 40s

Tagging Images In The Organizer

06m 33s

Working With Smart Tags

02m 46s

Identifying Faces In Photos

04m 10s

Identifying Places In Media

03m 44s

Handling Missing Media

04m 8s

Chapter: More On Elements Organizer

Chapter 5 Introduction

00m 34s

Working With Organizer Albums

04m 42s

Creating A Slideshow

05m 33s

Generating Events

03m 18s

Organizing With Stacks

03m 23s

Backup And Restore

03m 43s

Creating Multiple Catalogs

01m 18s

Optimizing And Repairing Catalogs

02m 10s

Upgrading Catalogs From A Previous Version

01m 23s

Chapter: Cropping And Straightening Images

Chapter 6 Introduction

00m 30s

Loading Image Files And Handling Duplicates

03m 22s

Cropping 101

10m 0s

Straightening Techniques

04m 13s

Image Recomposition

04m 37s

Working With Content Aware Move

04m 0s

Chapter: Working In The Quick And Guided Modes

Chapter 7 Introduction

00m 49s

Loading The Exercise Files - Chapter 7

00m 53s

An Overview Of Quick Mode

07m 31s

Working In Guided Mode

04m 19s

Removing Human And Pet Red Eye

04m 27s

Making Reflections

05m 2s

Whitening Teeth

03m 0s

Saving Elements Files

03m 20s

Chapter: Understanding Selection

Chapter 8 Introduction

00m 53s

Essential Selection Techniques

14m 45s

The Lasso And Polygonal Lasso Tools

05m 6s

Using The Magnetic Lasso

06m 16s

Working With The Wands

09m 32s

Creating A Selection By Painting

04m 8s

Refine Edge Revisited

07m 59s

Additional Selection Options

08m 21s

Chapter: The World Of Layers

Chapter 9 Introduction

00m 45s

Loading The Exercise Files - Chapter 9

00m 35s

The Basics Of Photoshop Elements Layers

08m 22s

The Background Element

03m 57s

Merging And Stacking

07m 44s

Copies And Duplicates

04m 25s

Opacity And Blending Modes

05m 34s

Layer Masks Explained

06m 35s

Working With A Clipping Mask

04m 51s

Adjustment Layers

04m 5s

Chapter: Photoshop Elements And Color

Chapter 10 Introduction

00m 40s

Loading The Exercise Files - Chapter 10

00m 37s

Color Theory

07m 21s

The Elements Histogram

09m 31s

Destructive And Non-Destructive Editing

06m 44s

Working In Photo-Merge

06m 20s

Removing A Color Cast

06m 56s

Adjusting Image Contrast

04m 36s

Converting Images Into Grayscale

05m 23s

Selective Image Colorization

06m 19s

Color Replacement Via Selection

04m 18s

Dealing With Shadows And Highlights

02m 39s

Adding Tint To An Image

02m 54s

Chapter: Manipulating Images

Chapter 11 Introduction

00m 46s

Loading The Exercise Files - Chapter 11

00m 44s

Restoration Versus Manipulation

08m 33s

Restoring An Old Photograph

08m 56s

Adding A Tint To An Image

03m 5s

Generating A Custom Vignette

03m 21s

Adjusting Facial Features

08m 20s

Matching Photographic Styles

04m 33s

Creating A Panorama

03m 39s

Working With High And Low Key Images

04m 25s

Dodge, Burn, And Sponge Tools

04m 25s

Playing Around In Photo Play

03m 42s

Chapter: Working With Raw Image Files

Chapter 12 Introduction

00m 41s

Understanding The Raw Image File Format

02m 21s

A Quick Look At The Raw Plug-In

04m 50s

Performing Basic Adjustments

06m 8s

Utilizing Camera Calibration

02m 44s

Sharpening An Image

05m 27s

Performing Noise Reduction

04m 22s

Converting Raw Images To The DNG Format

05m 1s

Chapter: Effects And Graphics

Chapter 13 Introduction

00m 44s

Working With Effects

05m 43s

Working With Filters

02m 30s

Controlling Effects With Layers

06m 17s

Working With Styles

05m 2s

Adding Photoshop Elements Effects

02m 49s

Working With Graphics

04m 39s

Working With The Filter Gallery

04m 40s

Creating Favorites

01m 15s

Chapter: Elements And The World Of Text

Chapter 14 Introduction

00m 37s

Text Formatting Tips And Tricks

10m 46s

Working With Vertical Text

06m 25s

Curving Text On Shapes And Paths

03m 45s

Working With Text Warp

05m 4s

Applying Styles And Creating Text Masks

05m 18s

Using Text With Selections

03m 0s

Chapter: Filling In The Corners

Chapter 15 Introduction

00m 43s

Loading The Exercise Files - Chapter 15

01m 12s

Working With Auto Smart Tone

06m 48s

Using The Color Replacement Tool

04m 20s

The Basics Of Brushes

10m 44s

Creating A Reflection From Scratch

08m 2s

Generating Wireframe Text

04m 35s

Working With Gradients

09m 29s

Camera Distortion Tricks

05m 16s

Chapter: Outputting Elements Images

Chapter 16 Introduction

00m 54s

Saving Images For The Web And Beyond

11m 5s

Gearing Up For Local Printing

07m 48s

Saving Files For Quality And Portability

04m 14s

Processing Multiple Files

04m 42s

Creating And Printing A Greeting Card

06m 20s

Printing Images Through Shutterfly

02m 8s

Generating A Contact Sheet

03m 3s

Creating A Picture Package

03m 4s