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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About The Author

00m 25s

Project Overview

01m 55s

Setting Up The Project

06m 55s

Exploring The Project Workspace

03m 16s

Using The Rhino Hotkeys

01m 55s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Building The Wheel And Tire

Using The Revolve Command

08m 0s

Building The Hub And Spokes

07m 3s

Filleting The Hub, Spokes And Rims

05m 17s

Using the Mirror Command

09m 5s

Chapter: Building The Main Body

Watertight Parts And Naked Edges

06m 46s

Building The Body And Stance Concept - Part 1

08m 50s

Building The Body And Stance Concept - Part 2

10m 3s

Adjusting The Stance Using Cage Edit

06m 10s

Building The Front And Rear Fenders

11m 59s

Boolean Fenders

09m 41s

The Face - Part 1

14m 16s

The Face - Part 2

07m 43s

The Bumpers

12m 19s

The Headlights

12m 4s

The Indicator And Tail Lights

06m 8s


11m 15s

Windshield And Gaskets

06m 44s

Adding Final Details

07m 10s

Final Assembly

06m 54s

Final Inspection

06m 2s

Chapter: 3D Printing Preparation

Mesh And Export Settings

13m 14s

Using The Mesh Tool

04m 23s

Readying A Mesh For Printing Export

04m 48s

Service Bureaus - Shapeways And Xpress 3D

02m 13s

Chapter: Preparing A Model For Computer Numeric Control - CNC

3D Print Versus CNC

09m 2s

Chapter: Materials, Rendering And 2D Drawings

Creating And Assigning Basic Materials

08m 40s

Display Modes

05m 37s

Creating Renderings With Neon Plugin

03m 34s

Chapter: Wrap-Up

Rhino Forum And Tech Support Options

03m 45s