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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction To Dreamweaver

02m 39s

Working With The Exercise Files

03m 14s

A Quick Tour Of The Dreamweaver Interface

08m 36s

What Is New In Dreamweaver CS6

06m 24s

Chapter: Site Building: Taking That First Step

Chapter 2 Intro

01m 37s

Local Versus Remote Sites

03m 7s

Generating A Local Site

02m 56s

Remote Server Definitions

04m 45s

Working With File Panel Options

05m 30s

Modifying An Existing Site

02m 20s

Working With Files And Folders

03m 55s

Synchronizing Files Local And Remote

02m 31s

Dreamweaver File And Folder Cloaking

02m 41s

Chapter: The Bones Of A Web Site: Building Site Pages

Chapter 3 Intro

00m 46s

Creating The Chapter Site

01m 42s

Creating, Naming, And Saving A Site Page

06m 46s

Adding Titles And Text To A Page

04m 20s

Understanding External Links

03m 0s

Images, And The Assets Panel

07m 56s

Dreamweavers Browser Preview Features

04m 14s

The Amazing Browser Lab

02m 56s

Chapter: Basic Construction Techniques: Adding Text

Chapter 4 Intro

01m 12s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 4

02m 43s

Working With Page Properties

05m 25s

Basic Text Editing

04m 55s

Copy-Pasting Text Options

08m 1s

Working With Paste Special

04m 13s

Html Text Formatting Options

10m 49s

Creating A Downloadable Text Link

03m 22s

Chapter: Searching The Construction Site: Text Searches

Chapter 5 Intro

01m 20s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 5

01m 21s

Find And Replace 101

08m 15s

Advanced Find And Replace Options

06m 31s

Using Regular Expressions

10m 21s

Checking Your Spellings

03m 46s

Find And Replace Shortcuts

00m 50s

Chapter: Putting Pictures On The Wall: Inserting And Manipulating Images

Chapter 6 Intro

02m 7s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 6

02m 26s

Working With Tracing Image

02m 52s

Controlling Page Layout With AP Divs

07m 8s

Creating A Landing Page From Scratch

07m 48s

Optimizing Images

05m 48s

Working With Original Images

05m 0s

The Photoshop Connection

02m 45s

Additional Tweaking Options

02m 1s

Adding A Background Image

03m 55s

Chapter: Manoeuvrability Is The Key: Working With Links

Chapter 7 Intro

01m 2s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 7

01m 21s

Creating Internal Text Links

05m 58s

Creating A Navigation Bar

05m 50s

Creating A Link Target

06m 33s

Using Named Anchors

06m 4s

Generating An Image Map

05m 31s

Adding An E-Mail Link

03m 31s

Chapter: Adding A Bit Of Style And Organization: Stylizing Page Content

Chapter 8 Intro

01m 8s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 8

01m 19s

Setting Up Dreamweaver For CSS

06m 57s

The CSS Styles Panel

05m 1s

Redefining An HTML Tag

03m 7s

Creating A Custom Class

03m 1s

Targeting Tags With Custom IDs

05m 53s

Setting Up Font Groups

05m 43s

Using Downloadable Web Fonts

08m 16s

Chapter: Creating Order: Using Styles For Layout

Chapter 9 Intro

00m 59s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 9

00m 56s

Modifying Existing CSS

05m 56s

Rearranging Existing CSS

07m 21s

Working With DIV Tags

09m 30s

Applying CSS Styles To DIV Tags

09m 41s

Attaching A Style Sheet To An HTML Page

02m 42s

Applying A Style Sheet To Multiple Pages

02m 53s

Chapter: Managing The Construction Chaos: Administering Styles

Chapter 10 Intro

00m 43s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 10

01m 30s

Naming Conventions For Styles

03m 55s

Removing Styles And The Consequences

01m 23s

Dealing With Inline Styles

03m 32s

Converting Internal Style Sheets To External

02m 53s

Cascading Style Sheets And Stacking Order

06m 39s

Working With Fluid Grid Layouts

10m 26s

Chapter: A Blast From The Past: Inserting Tables

Chapter 11 Intro

01m 53s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 11

00m 59s

Tables 101

05m 8s

Table Nesting

06m 51s

Applying Styles To Table Elements

03m 52s

Formatting Table Elements

03m 51s

Merging And Splitting Table Cells

04m 2s

Adding Images And Navigation To A Table

02m 39s

Assembling The Site

04m 41s

Importing And Sorting Tables

02m 29s

Chapter: It Is All About Information: Using Forms And Fields

Chapter 12 Intro

01m 23s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 12

00m 55s

Generating The Form Container

05m 18s

Adding Multiple Text Fields

06m 1s

Setting Up A Specific Workspace

01m 24s

Creating A Field Set

03m 3s

Creating Area Text

03m 4s

Working With Radio And Checkmark Buttons

10m 6s

Using Placeholder Text

03m 49s

Adding A Menu Or A List To A Form

04m 8s

Working With File Fields

02m 19s

Adding Submit And Reset Buttons

08m 25s

Chapter: Creating Construction Blueprints: Dreamweavers Layout Tools

Chapter 13 Intro

01m 20s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 13

02m 22s

Applying CSS Style Rules

03m 13s

Controlling Placement With Grids

07m 58s

Setting Up The Page

06m 49s

Using Rulers And Guides

07m 41s

Tying The Site Together

05m 8s

Visualizing The Site

04m 54s

Chapter: Keeping The User Content: Behaviours And Navigation Objects

Chapter 14 Intro

02m 11s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 14

00m 42s

Behaviours 101

06m 16s

Adding A Magical Information Box

07m 35s

Generating Rollover Buttons

04m 50s

Pros And Cons Of Opening A New Browser Window

04m 28s

Checking For Missing Plugins

04m 5s

Creating A Jump Menu

03m 39s

Chapter: It Is Alive: Dynamic Elements In Page Construction

Chapter 15 Intro

02m 21s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 15

00m 48s

What Is Spry

03m 44s

Adding A Spry Menu

07m 18s

Validating A Form With Spry

06m 5s

Working With CSS Transitions

07m 44s

Controlling Spry Elements

02m 27s

Chapter: Construction Helpers: Using Templates, Libraries, And Snippets.

Chapter 16 Intro

03m 5s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 16

00m 48s

Constructing A Template

03m 37s

Adding And Deleting Editable Regions

05m 22s

Moving From Template To Web Page

04m 6s

Working In The Library

04m 15s

Applying Library Items

02m 42s

Editing A Library Item

01m 50s

Detaching A Library Item

02m 1s

Working With Snippets

03m 24s

Creating Customized Snippets

02m 22s

Chapter: Checking Under The Hood: Editing Code

Chapter 17 Intro

01m 36s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 17

00m 54s

The Code View Toolbar

11m 4s

Working In Split View

03m 26s

Working In Live Code View

01m 56s

Quick Tags And Quick Editor

03m 9s

Adding Tags Directly To The Code

03m 36s

The Javascript Extractor

02m 11s

Getting Help When You Need It

02m 52s

Chapter: Working With Multimedia

Chapter 18 Intro

01m 46s

Setting Up The Site - Chapter 18

00m 41s

Generating A Favicon

04m 40s

Adding A Flash Movie To A Web Page

03m 5s

Working With Flash Movie Properties

03m 29s

Working With FLV Files

04m 9s

Using Movie Files

03m 15s

Chapter: In The End Successful Construction Is All About Control: Managing Your Site

Chapter 19 Intro

00m 54s

Search Engine Optimization

11m 9s

Things To Do And Things To Avoid

08m 52s

Adding Keywords And Descriptions

03m 17s

Cleaning Up The Code

02m 7s

Working With Design Notes

01m 56s

Validating Your Site

05m 22s

Working In The Search Panel

06m 11s

Working With Regular Expressions

03m 40s

Going Primetime

05m 56s


02m 15s