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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

02m 41s

Mono In Visual Studio 2012

05m 16s

Deploying To A Device

04m 18s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: The User Interface

Views And Layouts

05m 23s

Table Layouts

04m 8s

Relative Layouts

04m 56s

Chapter: User Interface Widgets

Text View

03m 41s

Edit View

03m 0s

AutoComplete Edit

03m 7s


03m 43s


04m 47s


01m 51s

Radio Buttons And Groups

03m 19s


04m 10s

Basic List

04m 10s

Simple List Adapters

05m 10s

Custom List Adapters

05m 25s

Expandable List Adapters

05m 37s

Using Expandable List Adapters

07m 1s

Chapter: Activities - Intents And Services

Activities And Intents

05m 47s

Activity Life Cycle

04m 9s

Passing Data Between Activities

05m 3s

Chapter: The Data Layer

Creating A SQLite Database

04m 46s

CRUD Operations

03m 46s

Creating Business Objects - SQLite ORM

05m 8s

Chapter: Social Network Users

Login And Tabs

03m 44s

Contacts List

03m 0s

Contact Details

04m 45s

Editing A Contact

05m 16s

Chapter: Photo Sharing

Editing Pictures And Local File Storage

04m 49s

Photo Grid View

04m 0s

Adding And Deleting Photos

03m 23s

Chapter: Messaging

Messages List

03m 10s

Messaging UI

02m 39s

Sending An SMS Message

03m 20s

Sending A Picture

03m 25s

Sending An Email

02m 28s

Adding An Attachment

03m 57s

Chapter: Syncing With A Server

Remote Data Using JSON

04m 38s

Updating The Server

03m 3s

Retrieving Photos

03m 30s

Uploading Photos

02m 37s

Chapter: Publishing

Versioning And Signing

04m 5s


02m 51s

Chapter: Conclusion

Resources And About The Author

02m 30s