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Table of Contents

Chapter: Final Cut Pro 7 Basics

Introduction to Final Cut Pro

02m 20s

Setting Up Your Final Cut Pro Interface

04m 24s

Setting Up RAM Memory For Efficiency

02m 14s

Setting Up Scratch Disks

03m 54s

Organizing The Elements Of A Project

02m 13s

Importing Project Elements

03m 16s

Viewing Project Elements With The Browser

02m 3s

Using The Viewer

01m 6s

Navigating A Clip

05m 36s

Clip Marks And Edits

03m 1s

Save A File

00m 58s

Working With Sequences

02m 17s

Utilizing Bins

01m 57s

Auto Save

02m 6s

Creating Your First Project

06m 40s

Viewing Your Project

01m 25s

Quick Tip - Re-Using Project Elements

00m 43s

Chapter 1 Review

01m 20s

Chapter: Capturing Media

Introduction To Chapter 2

00m 50s

The Camera Connection

02m 29s

Final Cut Pro Audio/Video Settings

02m 36s

Single Clip Capture

04m 24s

Batch Capture

02m 56s

Capture Now

02m 1s

Capture Live

01m 43s

Logging Clips

04m 38s

Tips And Tricks

04m 2s

Chapter 2 Review

00m 48s

Chapter: Importing / Loading Existing Media

Introduction To Chapter 3

00m 45s

Formats Of Choice

03m 29s

The Rendering Process

02m 28s

Importing Individual Clips

01m 11s

Importing Multiple Clips

01m 54s

Importing Clips Without The Import Command

01m 37s

Working With CDs

01m 12s

Other Media Imports

01m 12s

Importing MP3 Files

01m 12s

Chapter 3 Review

00m 47s

Chapter: Organizing a Final Cut Pro Project

Introduction To Chapter 4

00m 53s

Project Particulars

02m 11s

Project Genesis

05m 31s

Laying The Foundation

02m 54s

Adding The Video

08m 55s

Adding Logos And Text

07m 2s

Outputting The Project

02m 56s

Chapter 4 Review

00m 42s

Chapter: Video Editing Basics

Introduction To Chapter 5

00m 44s

Using Log And Capture

03m 2s

The Timeline

04m 45s

The Viewer And The Canvas

03m 43s

Insert Overwrite Part 1

03m 26s

Insert Overwrite Part 2

01m 52s

Trimming a Clip

02m 43s

Timeline Selection Techniques

06m 2s

Ripple And Roll

03m 3s

Lift And Ripple Deletes

02m 43s

Chapter 5 Review

01m 14s

Chapter: The Final Cut Pro Timeline

Introduction To Chapter 6

00m 48s

Timeline Basics

06m 13s

Auto Select

01m 46s

Customizing The Timeline Part 1

04m 42s

Customizing The Timeline Part 2

05m 24s

Power Tips

09m 1s

Chapter 6 Review

01m 2s

Chapter: Beyond Basic Editing Techniques

Introduction To Chapter 7

01m 22s

Replace Edit

03m 25s

Fit To Fill

01m 56s


01m 50s

Working With Markers

05m 13s

Searching For Markers

02m 43s

Splitting Clips In The Viewer

04m 20s

Splitting Clips On The Timeline

01m 24s

Slips And Slides

03m 54s

Changing Speed

03m 0s

Freeze Frame

01m 49s

Voice Over

01m 42s

Chapter 7 Review

00m 50s

Chapter: Working With Audio

Introduction To Chapter 8

00m 58s

Capturing Audio

02m 42s

Mono Vs. Stereo

02m 11s

Rendering Audio

02m 13s

Changing Volume

02m 13s

Using The Audio Mixer

05m 31s

Audio Panning

03m 9s

Audio Transitions

03m 29s

Applying An Audio Filter

01m 26s

Modifying A Filter

01m 51s

Using Audio Filter Keyframes

02m 32s

Hum Removal

02m 40s

Additional Filters - Chapter 8

02m 58s

Quick Tip - Using Mixdown

00m 45s

Quick Tip - Viewing A Waveform On The Timeline

00m 48s

Quick Tip - Removing Audio Pops

01m 6s

Quick Tip - Panning A Mono File

00m 59s

Quick Tip - Restoring Sync To A Clip

00m 53s

Quick Tip - Normalizing Gain

00m 47s

Quick Tip - Removing Clip Attributes

00m 45s

Quick Tip - Using The Render Manager

00m 55s

Chapter 8 Review

00m 48s

Chapter: Transitions in Final Cut Pro

Introduction To Chapter 9

00m 51s

Exploring Transitions Part 1

04m 30s

Exploring Transitions Part 2

02m 28s

Creating Customized Transitions

04m 39s

Applying Transitions

05m 30s

Saving Your Favorite Transitions

01m 50s

Rendering A Transition

01m 19s

Modify A Transition

03m 52s


02m 28s

Checking Render Status On The Timeline

01m 55s

Quick Tip - Changing The Default Transition

00m 46s

Quick Tip - Applying Multiple Transitions

00m 38s

Quick Tip - Viewing Non-Rendered Transitions

00m 43s

Quick Tip - Safe Vs. Unlimited RT

00m 44s

Quick Tip - Using The Frame Viewer

00m 51s

Chapter 9 Review

00m 58s

Chapter: Creating Titles

Introduction To Chapter 10

01m 2s

Working With Colors And Tone

04m 12s

Lower Third Text

03m 25s

Outline Text

04m 23s

Crawl Text

02m 58s

Rolling Credits

02m 34s

Typewriter Text

04m 31s

Shape Generator

04m 38s

Boris Effects

05m 45s

Starwars Text

03m 47s

Quick Tip - Apply Video Filters To Text

00m 38s

Quick Tip - Using Master Templates

00m 40s

Quick Tip - Using Key Frames For Effects

00m 55s

Chapter 10 Review

00m 39s

Chapter: Working With Filters And Color Correction

Introduction To Chapter 11

01m 12s

Removing Color - Desaturating

03m 16s

Aging Video

03m 27s

Colorizing An Image

03m 8s

RGB Balance Tool

02m 51s

Modify Objects Color

04m 34s

Color Correction

05m 10s

Zooming And Panning Part 1

04m 45s

Zooming And Panning Part 2

03m 7s

Additional Filters - Chapter 11

03m 56s

Generating Movement

08m 25s

Quick Tip - Copying Color Correction Settings

00m 58s

Chapter 11 Review

01m 30s

Chapter: Compositing Tricks

Introduction To Chapter 12

01m 22s

Composite Modes Part 1

05m 53s

Composite Modes Part 2

02m 38s

Adding A Composite Mode To A Video

02m 59s

Customized Alpha Channels

03m 41s

Compositing With A Matte

03m 5s

Travel Mattes

03m 52s

Blue Green Screen

05m 37s

Chapter 12 Review

00m 48s

Chapter: The Final Product

Introduction To Chapter 13

00m 41s

First Things First

05m 33s

Share Files and Sequences

01m 42s

Working With Export Settings

02m 27s

Additional Export Possibilities

04m 54s

Audio/Video Formats

03m 46s

Saving Stills

01m 4s

Print To Video

02m 32s

Exporting To A Digital Video Camera

02m 21s

Time Code Window Burn

01m 16s

Backing Up A Project

02m 17s

Chapter 13 Review

01m 29s

Chapter: About The Author

About The Author

05m 20s