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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Overview Of MS Project And What To Expect From The Course

06m 21s

What Will I Be Able To Do?

03m 56s

Exploring A Sample Project

04m 58s

Tour Of The New MS Project 2010 Interface

06m 22s

Using The Files Included With This Course

01m 4s

Chapter: The Interface

Auto Hide The Ribbon Menus

02m 41s

Customize The Quick Command Bar

03m 36s

Adding Your Own Tab To The Ribbon Menu

07m 8s

Activating Autosave In Project 2010

02m 12s

Alter The Project Colour Scheme And Other General Options

02m 46s

Controlling The Recently Used File List

03m 25s

Chapter: Starting Your Own Project

Creating A New Project File And Save Options

01m 40s

Setting The Project Information/Properties

01m 58s

Deciding On A Start/Finish Date For The Project

02m 11s

Adding A New Task And Exploring Task Duration Options

03m 50s

Importing Tasks From Microsoft Outlook

01m 52s

Importing Tasks From Microsoft Excel

04m 12s

Organizing Tasks Into Logical Groups

05m 30s

Adding A Milestone Task

02m 43s

Estimated and Elapsed Duration Tasks

03m 51s

Moving Or Deleting Tasks

03m 28s

Making A Task Inactive

01m 25s

Changing The Task Priority Value

02m 11s

Adding Notes To A Task

03m 35s

Attaching External Files To A Task

05m 0s

Adding/Editing The Project Summary Task

02m 46s

Methods Of Linking Scheduled Tasks

05m 27s

Exploring The Different Link Types

06m 29s

How To Add Lag Or Lead Time

04m 28s

Exploring The Detail Gantt

02m 51s

Formatting The Task Pane

03m 22s

Spellchecking The Task Pane

01m 16s

Find/Replace Text In The Task Pane

02m 14s

Chapter: Working With Your Project File

Navigating To An Exact Date In The Gantt Chart

01m 34s

Displaying The Current Task In The Gantt Chart

01m 9s

Changing The Dates Visible In The Gantt Chart

02m 40s

Sorting Tasks

03m 43s

Using The Filtering Options

05m 7s

Sort Your Tasks Into Groups

02m 12s

Adding Deadlines

02m 34s

Exploring Constraint Types

04m 16s

Removing An Unwanted Or Accidental Constraint

01m 36s

Viewing Your Project In Calendar View

03m 52s

Viewing Your Project As A Network Diagram

03m 43s

Using The Task Inspector

02m 33s

How Does MS Project Determine The Critical Path?

00m 56s

Finding The Critical Path

03m 34s

Chapter: Resourcing Your Project

The Resource Types Available

01m 17s

Adding A New Material Resource Type

04m 56s

Adding A New Work Resource Type

04m 5s

Adding A New Cost Resource Type

02m 10s

Adding Notes To Resources

03m 0s

Adding Varying Costs For A Work Resource

03m 16s

Placing Resources Into Groups

01m 19s

Adding A Fixed Cost To A Task

02m 18s

Allocating Material Resources To A Task - Part 1

05m 32s

Allocating Material Resources To A Task - Part 2

04m 16s

Allocating Cost Type Resources To A Task

03m 36s

Allocating Work Resources To A Task

07m 37s

Changing Task Types

04m 18s

Effort Driven Or Not

02m 23s

Making Use Of The Resource Views

05m 56s

How To Deal With Over Allocation

04m 46s

Applying Resource Leveling

06m 6s

Adding Overtime To Deal With Over Allocation

02m 53s

Viewing The Project Costs

02m 39s

Viewing Breakdown Of Resource Costs

02m 14s

Chapter: Calendar And Working Time

Altering The Working Time Defaults

02m 4s

What Is The Base Calendar

01m 59s

Altering The Project Base Calendar - Part 1

02m 43s

Altering The Project Base Calendar - Part 2

05m 8s

Altering Work Resource Calendars

03m 27s

Adding Recurring Absence Patterns

03m 56s

Creating A New Calendar

03m 3s

Assigning A Customized Calendar To A Resource

01m 50s

Assigning A Calendar To A Task

02m 7s

Chapter: Tracking Your Project

Saving The Baseline

02m 21s

Customizing The Current Date Line Appearance

02m 46s

Changing The Current Date To Mimic Progress

01m 44s

Marking Individual Task Progression

04m 43s

Marking an Individual Task with a Delay

02m 32s

Marking Multiple Task Progression

02m 16s

Using The Tracking Gantt To Monitor Progression

03m 17s

Reschedule An Entire Project

03m 43s

Splitting A Task Manually

02m 3s

The Project Statistics Snapshot

02m 8s

Chapter: The New Project 2010 Timeline

Display/Hide The Timeline

01m 29s

Expand/Contract The Scale Used On The Timeline

01m 27s

Adding Tasks To And Removing From The Timeline

03m 56s

Displaying Tasks As Callouts On The Timeline

02m 16s

Editing The Text Formatting Of The Timeline

03m 16s

Exporting The Timeline For Use In Other Applications

01m 26s

Chapter: Reporting Progress

Customizing Print Settings For The Gantt Charts

09m 29s

Selecting And Printing The MS Project Reports

05m 1s

Create Your Own MS Project Report

04m 8s

Exporting A Visual Report Into Excel Or Visio

03m 24s

Creating Your Own Excel Visual Report

05m 8s

Exporting Project Data To Microsoft Access

03m 45s

Emailing The Project File To Others

02m 19s

Exporting To PDF Format For Distribution

02m 50s

Chapter: The Master Report

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Master Report

04m 46s

How To Create A Master Project

05m 48s

Updating The Master From The Sub Projects And Vice Versa

03m 16s

Creating Links Between Sub Projects

05m 14s

Adding Tasks To The Master Project

03m 21s

Creating A Resource Pool

02m 0s

Telling Projects To Use The Resource Pool

04m 36s

Assigning Resources From A Resource Pool

02m 50s

Saving Changes To A Resource Pool

01m 0s

Assigning Resources With The Master Project

02m 42s

Opening The Resource Pool To View Resource Usage

03m 59s

Chapter: Recurring Tasks

Adding A Recurring Task

03m 32s

Editing The Occurrences Of A Recurring Task

02m 21s

Editing The Frequency Pattern Of A Recurring Task

02m 50s

Deleting Tasks Within A Recurring Sequence

00m 47s

Chapter: WBS Codes

What Does WBS Mean?

02m 44s

Sticking With The Default WBS Or Create Your Own

04m 12s

Chapter: The Global Template

What Is The Global Template?

00m 56s

Where Is The Global Template?

02m 10s

Using The Organizer To Update The Global Template

03m 41s

Creating Your Own Gantt Chart

02m 30s

Changing The Table Used With A Custom Gantt Chart

02m 43s

Changing The Gridlines Of The Custom Gantt Chart

04m 2s

Changing The Bar Styles Of The Custom Gantt Chart

05m 43s

Changing The Layout Of The Custom Gantt Chart

03m 31s

Changing The Timescale Of The Custom Gantt Chart

04m 58s

Copying The Custom Gantt Chart To The Global Template

02m 39s

Deleting The Custom Gantt Chart

02m 18s

Chapter: Advanced Gantt Chart Customization

Changing Text Displayed Next To A Gantt Chart Task Bar

05m 2s

Adding Your Own Gantt Chart Bar For Critical Tasks

03m 49s

Creating A New Text Field

03m 23s

A Custom Field With A Droplist

04m 21s

Formulas In Custom Fields

05m 33s

Custom Fields Using Graphical Indicators

07m 46s

Clever Combination Of Custom Fields And Bar Styles

08m 38s

Progress Lines In Microsoft Project

04m 57s

Adding Drawings To The Gantt Chart

06m 7s

Making Custom Fields Available To All Future Projects

02m 36s

Chapter: Macros

Recording A Macro

05m 50s

Adding A Keyboard Shortcut To Run Your Macro

01m 23s

Adding A Ribbon Button To Run A Macro

03m 33s

Editing A Macro

04m 20s

Deleting A Macro

01m 43s

A Useful Macro To Reset A Project

05m 4s

Chapter: Credits And Beyond

Further Practice - Part 1

03m 1s

Further Practice - Part 2

05m 32s

About The Author

01m 12s