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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome And Introduction

06m 4s

Accessing MS Word

01m 10s


01m 39s

The Ribbon

03m 0s

Quick Access Toolbar

01m 1s

Help Options

02m 18s

Chapter: Starting A Word Document

Opening A New Blank Document

01m 52s

Inserting Text

01m 23s


03m 59s

Chapter: Editing Text

Editing Text

00m 48s

Selecting Text

03m 47s

Cut Copy And Move

02m 0s

Paste Preview

01m 9s

Find And Replace

01m 28s

Undo And Redo

01m 11s

Chapter: Formatting Text

Home Tab Font Basic Options

03m 31s

Default Font Settings

01m 17s

Text Effects

01m 32s

Format Painter

01m 20s

Character Spacing

02m 38s

Mini Toolbar

01m 32s

Chapter: Formatting Paragraphs


02m 20s

Indentation And Line Spacing

03m 47s

Bulleted And Numbered Lists

03m 51s


02m 47s

Paragraph Borders And Shading

03m 41s

Controlling Pagination

05m 38s

Using Tabs

05m 55s

Clearing Tabs

01m 21s

Chapter: Formatting Documents

Page And Section Breaks

03m 4s

Page Setup

02m 17s

Page Numbering

02m 9s

Headers And Footers

05m 40s

Footnotes And Endnotes

03m 37s

Creating Columns

03m 45s

Lining Up Columns

01m 3s

Revising Column Structure

01m 45s

Chapter: Styles

Applying Styles

02m 1s

Amending Styles

03m 3s

Creating New Styles

02m 21s

Using Style Sets

03m 31s

Chapter: Index And Contents

Insert A TOC

03m 15s

Updating A TOC

01m 37s

Mark Entries And Insert An Index

03m 52s

Chapter: Tables

Creating A Table

04m 40s

Inserting And Deleting Rows And Columns

02m 29s

Positioning A Table

01m 39s

Row Height And Column Width

02m 3s

Table Borders And Shading

06m 4s

Formatting Cells In A Table

02m 29s

Calculations In Tables

03m 22s

Chapter: Inserting Graphics

Inserting Pictures

05m 51s

Insert ClipArt

02m 59s

Picture Styles

01m 46s

Picture Effects

05m 40s


04m 31s


06m 2s


04m 46s


03m 4s

Chapter: Inserting Links & Text

Using Hyperlinks

02m 8s


01m 22s


02m 54s

Text Boxes

03m 6s

Quick Parts

04m 8s


02m 25s

Insert Symbols

01m 33s

Other Insert Tab Options

02m 58s

Chapter: Page Layout


03m 57s

Insert A Watermark

02m 30s

Page Background

04m 7s

Chapter: Mailings

Envelopes And Labels

04m 6s

Mail Merge - Data Source

03m 9s

Mail Merge Document - Inserting Fields

04m 11s

Finishing A Mail Merge

02m 45s

Chapter: Proofing


05m 56s

Spelling And Grammar

04m 45s


01m 35s

Translate Options

03m 37s

Tracking Changes

05m 3s

Accepting And Rejecting Changes

02m 41s

Comparing Documents

03m 20s

Publishing And Sharing

04m 7s

Prepare For Sharing

02m 7s

Chapter: View Options

Document Views

05m 11s

Navigation Pane

01m 47s

Zoom Options

01m 40s


02m 34s

Chapter: Save And Printing

Save A Document

01m 11s

Compatibility Mode

02m 1s

Open A Recent Document

01m 38s

Protecting Documents

05m 57s

Print Preview

00m 59s

Printing A Document

02m 54s

Chapter: Macros

Recording Macros

02m 53s

Viewing And Editing Macros

02m 48s

Running Macros

00m 51s

Chapter: Customizing

Word Options

03m 16s

Advanced Word Options

03m 51s

Customizing The Ribbon

03m 14s

Customizing Quick Access Toolbar

01m 54s


04m 49s