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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To This Course

01m 24s

Basic Tour

02m 4s

Quick Access Tool Bar And Ribbon

03m 19s

Properties Palette

01m 18s

Project Browser

00m 25s

View Control Bar

02m 7s

The Status Bar

01m 15s

The Options Bar

01m 34s

Visibility Graphics

00m 55s

Customizing The MEP Interface

02m 21s

Working With Views

02m 26s

Keyboard Shortcuts

02m 40s

Using The Included Working Files

01m 30s

File Concepts - Project Files

01m 12s

File Concepts - Family Files

01m 19s

File Concepts - InPlace Families

01m 11s

Chapter: Basic Creation Tools

Opening Revit MEP Project

01m 56s

Viewing Model 2D

02m 32s

Viewing Model 3D

03m 35s

The Home Tab - HVAC And Mechanical

04m 12s

The Home Tab - Plumbing And Piping

02m 22s

The Home Tab - Electrical

02m 42s

Chapter: Basic Editing tools

Selecting Elements

02m 6s

Modifying Similar Elements

01m 50s

Use Of The TAB Key

02m 11s

Moving And Copying

02m 11s

Copy And Paste

01m 29s

Rotating Individual

03m 32s

Rotating Multiple

01m 1s


02m 26s

Linear Arrays

04m 31s

Radial Arrays

01m 27s

Extend And Trim

01m 31s

The Align Tool

02m 1s


01m 41s

Chapter: Starting An MEP Project

Creating A New MEP Project

02m 49s

Linking An Architects Building Model - Part 1

05m 3s

Linking An Architects Building Model - Part 2

02m 13s

Copy/Monitor Options

02m 31s

Cleaning CAD Files

03m 33s

Linking 2D CAD Files - Part 1

04m 48s

Linking 2D CAD Files - Part 2

06m 13s

Linking 2D CAD Files - Part 3

07m 32s

Saving Your MEP Project - Standalone

01m 40s

Saving Your MEP Project - Work-sharing

03m 18s

What To Do With Coordination Review Message

04m 49s

Chapter: Views

Controlling Visibility

02m 6s

Initial Plan Views

04m 31s

View Templates

04m 13s

Duplicating Views

04m 0s


04m 13s


02m 25s

Ceiling Plans

02m 34s


02m 21s


02m 42s

Section Boxes

02m 31s

Scope Boxes

07m 3s

Chapter: Component Families

Out Of The Box Families

02m 12s

Online Families

01m 19s

Your Families

01m 25s

Basic Creation Model

12m 28s

Basic Creation Annotation

03m 27s

Chapter: Spaces And Zones

Room Bounding Objects

02m 47s

Creating Spaces

04m 51s

Space Separation

01m 29s

Modifying Spaces

01m 54s

Space Tags

01m 15s

Area And Volume Computations

00m 59s

Plenum Spaces

03m 16s

Creating Zones

02m 32s

The System Browser - Chapter 7

02m 26s

Chapter: Building Performance Analysis

Mass Model

04m 8s

Performing Analysis

03m 7s

Settings - Chapter 8

04m 6s

Building Type Settings

01m 40s

Heating And Cooling

06m 10s

Secondary Analysis

01m 30s

Chapter: Systems

The System Browser - Chapter 9

04m 24s

Graphic Overrides

02m 25s

Checking Systems

04m 22s

System Inspector

01m 58s

Duct And Pipe Sizing

02m 13s

Chapter: HVAC

Mechanical Settings

06m 22s

Ducts And Mechanical Equipment

04m 26s

Duct Placeholders

03m 30s


05m 10s

Modifying Ducts

05m 59s

Adding And Modifying Fittings

03m 23s

Duct Systems

03m 13s

Automatic Duct Layouts

04m 42s

Mechanical Equipment - Chapter 10

01m 37s

Chapter: Hydronic Piping Systems

Settings - Chapter 11

04m 26s

Mechanical Equipment - Chapter 11

01m 41s

Pipe Placeholders

01m 42s

Pipes - Chapter 11

03m 17s

Parallel Pipes - Chapter 11

04m 36s

Modifying Pipes - Chapter 11

04m 35s

Sloping Pipes - Chapter 11

02m 46s

Adding And Modifying

02m 13s

Pipe Systems

02m 44s

Automatic Pipe Layouts

03m 15s

Chapter: Plumbing Systems

Settings - Chapter 12

01m 33s

Systems - Chapter 12

01m 57s

Adding Fixtures

02m 29s

Pipes - Chapter 12

02m 0s

Parallel Pipes - Chapter 12

03m 49s

Modifying Pipes - Chapter 12

02m 37s

Sloping Pipes - Chapter 12

02m 56s

Fittings And Accessories Tweak

00m 55s

Automatic Layouts

03m 50s

Chapter: Fire Protection Systems


03m 13s

Systems - Chapter 13

03m 48s

Modifying Pipes - Chapter 13

02m 8s

Chapter: Electrical Systems

Electrical Settings - Part 1

02m 21s

Electrical Settings - Part 2 (Voltages)

01m 40s

Cable Tray And Conduit Settings

02m 18s

Placing Lighting Fixtures

03m 30s

Placing Equipment

01m 11s

Placing Devices

01m 25s

Creating Power Circuits

02m 11s

Creating Lighting Circuits

02m 16s

Modifying Cable Tray

03m 18s

Modifying Conduit

01m 25s

Parallel Conduit

01m 42s

Creating Panel Schedules

02m 26s

Editing Panel Schedules

01m 12s

Chapter: Scheduling

Equipment Schedules

05m 16s

Schedules For Documentation

04m 9s

Schedules For Data Manipulation

03m 48s

Chapter: Coordination

Coordination Review

04m 12s

Coordination Interference

05m 23s

Chapter: Detailing

Creating Details

04m 54s

Adding Detail Lines

04m 20s

Detailing In 3D

02m 18s

Importing Details

02m 28s

Exporting Details

01m 38s

Chapter: Documentation

Setting Up Sheets

04m 39s

Placeholder Sheets

03m 38s

Guide Grids

06m 7s


06m 1s

Tags Vs. Text

05m 33s

Dimensions And Constraints

06m 41s

Revisions Audio Extracted

05m 59s

Chapter: Work-sharing

Planning A Team

01m 33s

User Name

02m 11s

Setup Central File

03m 52s

Local Files

03m 33s

Work-shared File Pitfalls - Opening Central Files

03m 33s


04m 43s

Worksets Are NOT Layers

01m 30s

Display And Ownership

01m 47s

New Local Files

01m 35s


02m 58s

Chapter: Presentations

Custom Materials

04m 4s

Custom Lighting

01m 28s

Exporting Images

01m 52s


04m 3s

Modifying Walkthroughs

06m 35s

Exporting Walkthroughs

02m 47s

Chapter: Conclusion

What Did We Learn

02m 25s

External Resources

01m 35s

About The Author

02m 3s