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Table of Contents

Chapter: Intro To Pro Tools 10

Who Uses Pro Tools

03m 46s

About This Title And Exercise Files

02m 51s

What Is New In Pro Tools 10

06m 41s

Pro Tools 10 Installation

05m 7s

Pro Tools Hardware Options

08m 6s

Signal Flow And The IO

08m 38s

Digital Audio 101

04m 47s

Chapter: Basic Editing In The Timeline

Creating A Blank Session

04m 51s

Importing Audio

07m 31s

Tracks And Window Layouts

05m 56s

Defining And Naming Clips

10m 0s

Editing Tools

07m 19s

Slip And Shuffle Modes

07m 55s

Timeline Ruler Options

06m 40s

Editing With Multiple Tracks

09m 15s

Chapter: Customizing Pro Tools

File Structure

04m 13s

Options For Saving Sessions

12m 8s

Pro Tools Preferences

09m 53s

Window Layouts And Scrolling Options

08m 23s

Sorting In The Clip Bin

05m 28s

Clearing Unused Clips

03m 50s

Showing Hiding And Sorting Tracks

06m 52s

Track And Clip Colors And Diamond Lanes

08m 12s

Chapter: Recording And Editing A Voice Track

Recording An Announcer Track

08m 45s

Setting Up A Cue

05m 40s

The ABC System

02m 35s

Choosing Takes With The Separation Grabber

16m 28s

Music In The Cue

02m 49s

Effects In The Cue

03m 40s

Editing The Performance

07m 46s

Time Compressing The Announcer

05m 19s

Using Pitch Shift On Announcers

06m 1s

Chapter: Editing Music Tracks

Editing Library Music On The Grid

09m 48s

Editing Two Music Tracks

08m 42s

Fades And Crossfades

05m 27s

Retiming Library Music Tracks

03m 37s

Setting Triggers In Beat Detective

05m 34s

Separating Clips In Beat Detective

03m 40s

Chapter: Elastic Audio

Elastic Audio - Narration Track

06m 27s

Elastic Audio - Sound Effect

02m 52s

Elastic Audio - Drum Loop

05m 11s

Adjusting Pitch Using Elastic Audio

03m 21s

Chapter: Midi In Pro Tools

Connecting A MIDI Keyboard

05m 7s

Comparing MIDI Tracks And Instrument Tracks

06m 8s

XPand's Virtual Instrument Library

02m 52s

Adding Percussion With The Loop Tool

05m 53s

Adding A MIDI Bass Part

04m 14s

Adding Keys And The MIDI Editor

09m 6s

MIDI Event List And Quantizing

06m 29s

Customizing And Saving XPand Patches

05m 36s

Arranging With MIDI Instruments

06m 15s

Performance Transpositions In XPand

03m 25s

Saving Instrument Collections As Templates

04m 42s

Chapter: Tracking Instruments

Tracking Acoustic Guitar

05m 48s

Arranging Using Grid Mode

04m 10s

Overdubbing A Bass Part Using Playlists

06m 7s

Electric Guitar Parts In Eleven

08m 27s

Percussion FX Using The Click Track

04m 12s

Half Speed Recording

07m 1s

Chapter: Sound Design

The Concept Of Sound Design

03m 3s

Importing SFX And Setting A Phone EQ

07m 0s

Creative Use Of AudioSuite PlugIns For SFX

04m 57s

Identifying Sync Points

06m 24s

Timing Music To SFX

03m 44s

Timing SFX To Music

07m 33s

Tuning SFX To Match Pitch

11m 57s

Triggering SFX With MIDI Using Structure

04m 45s

Chapter: Working With Video

Importing A Movie

04m 12s

Spotting The Movie

06m 24s

Setting The Tempo Of The Score

09m 15s

Building The Sound Palette

07m 59s

Using Spot Mode For Precise Placement

06m 35s

Building An Alternate Version In The Timeline

05m 4s

Bouncing The Movie

03m 55s

Chapter: Mixing And Automation

The Philosophy Of Mixing

02m 56s

Groups And Other Tips - Part 1

04m 14s

Groups And Other Tips - Part 2

01m 54s

Groups And Other Tips - Part 3

04m 14s

EQ And Volume

06m 43s

Busses And Aux Faders

04m 48s

Customizing Mixing Templates

05m 28s

Printing Effects And Stems

03m 11s

Automation Write, Touch, Latch And Read

05m 0s

Automating Plugin Parameters

09m 55s

Chapter: Digibase Browser

Workspace Browser

05m 37s

Project Browser

03m 17s

Chapter: Conclusion

About The Author

01m 27s