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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Will Learn

02m 31s

iOS Platform Overview

04m 57s

Using The iOS Dev Center

02m 14s

Chapter: Getting Started

Getting The SDK

02m 38s

Hello iOS!

06m 35s

Understanding The Skeleton App

05m 5s

iPhone, iPad, And Universal Apps

02m 57s

Provisioning Your Device

05m 3s

Chapter: Tools Overview

Xcode Overview

09m 47s

Customizing Xcode

04m 59s

Using Interface Builder

06m 39s

Using The Simulator

04m 26s

Using The Organizer

02m 5s

Key Xcode Tips

06m 29s

Chapter: Objective-C Essentials

Objective-C Overview

03m 31s

Creating Classes

03m 52s

Declaring And Implementing Methods

06m 48s

Sending Messages

06m 49s

Memory Management

09m 4s

Creating Object Instances

05m 55s

Automatic Reference Counting

05m 31s

Declared Properties

08m 44s

Coding Conventions

02m 37s

Chapter: Using The Foundation Framework

Working With Strings

08m 29s

Extending With Categories

03m 26s

Using The Xcode Debugger

08m 24s

Working With Numbers

02m 56s

Collections - Part 1: Arrays

04m 5s

Collections - Part 2: Dictionaries

06m 2s

Chapter: View Controllers

Understanding MVC

03m 22s

View Controller Overview

06m 2s

Installing Custom Xcode File Templates

02m 28s

Creating The iMusic App

09m 11s

Understanding View Loading

04m 2s

Responding To Display Related Callbacks

01m 59s

Target-Action Pattern

03m 22s

Presenting Modal View Controllers

06m 33s

Chapter: Views

Understanding Views

04m 52s

Creating Views Programmatically

05m 50s

Building The Main User Interface

05m 8s

Defining IBOutlets

03m 7s

Working With Images And Image Views

03m 40s

Handling Images On Retina Devices

03m 40s

Creating Pattern Images

02m 6s

Customizing Buttons

04m 42s

Chapter: Data Management

Building The Data Model

04m 16s

Archiving Data

07m 12s

Understanding Protocols

03m 13s

Adopting NSCoding

03m 24s

Persisting The Data Model

03m 51s

Advanced Data Options

03m 58s

Chapter: Table Views

Using iOS Table Views

04m 18s

Introducing A Navigation Controller

03m 14s

Building The Music List View Controller

03m 42s

Providing The Table Data

07m 48s

Enabling Behavior With Delegation

04m 19s

Adding Swipe To Delete

05m 1s

Deleting An Album

06m 47s

Chapter: Storyboards

Storyboarding iMusic

11m 48s

Adding A Custom Music List Cell

07m 5s

Animating The Cell's Delete Behavior

05m 49s

Building The Detail View UI

04m 15s

Building The Detail View Controller

05m 52s

Passing Data Between Scenes

02m 51s

Opening The Album In iTunes

02m 1s

Prototyping The Search UI - Part 1

08m 0s

Prototyping The Search UI - Part 2

06m 44s

Chapter: Networking

iTunes Music Store Search API

02m 33s

Defining The Music Store Service

05m 31s

Finding Artists With NSURLConnection

06m 36s

Parsing JSON With NSJSONSerialization

04m 11s

Creating A Simple NSURLConnection Wrapper

03m 5s

Refactoring To Use HTTPGetRequest

01m 39s

Finding An Artist's Albums

02m 22s

Building Artist's Album List

04m 34s

Loading The Album Art

02m 45s

Open Source Alternatives

04m 44s

Chapter: Code Quality

Unit Testing In Xcode

06m 7s

Writing Your First Unit Test

06m 12s

Testing With OCMock - Part 1 Stubbing

06m 40s

Testing With OCMock - Part 2 Mocking

02m 51s

Writing An Integration Test

06m 15s

Developer Testing Best Practices

03m 29s

Automation Testing With UIAutomation - Part 1

06m 13s

Automation Testing With UIAutomation - Part 2

02m 41s

Chapter: Going Universal

iMusic The Universal Edition

03m 10s

Redesigning The User Interface

05m 56s

Customizing View Controllers

07m 44s

Observing Idioms

03m 32s

Split View Communication

06m 27s

Modal Presentation Options

04m 14s

Chapter: iCloud

Sorting The Music List

08m 16s

Integrating With iCloud

04m 51s

Writing To The Cloud

02m 27s

Getting Notification Of Changes

04m 21s

Synchronizing With iCloud

02m 35s

Chapter: Conclusion

What's Next? The Education Never Stops

01m 35s

About Bob McCune

01m 15s