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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is Cinema 4D? And Who Uses It?

01m 50s

About The Author

01m 42s

What You Should Expect From The Video

02m 33s

Chapter: Getting Started


05m 50s

Navigating The Viewports

03m 15s

Application Prefs

03m 23s

Touring The Interface

05m 2s

Project Settings - Starting A New Scene

03m 42s

Chapter: Understanding 3D Objects

Object Hierarchy And Parenting

02m 37s

Coordinate Systems

02m 31s

Select, Move, Scale, And Rotate

03m 44s

Primitive Objects And Attributes

07m 5s

Building A Chair

08m 15s

Chapter: Understanding Splines

Drawing Splines

03m 16s

Procedural Splines

03m 28s

Modifying Points On A Spline

02m 12s

Extrude Nurbs

04m 9s

Sweep Nurbs

04m 15s

Lathe Nurbs

04m 12s

Spline Mask

02m 19s

Working With Adobe Illustrator

02m 54s

Chapter: Polygonal Modelling Techniques

Basic Components Of 3D Objects

02m 24s

Modelling With Extrude

04m 37s

Modelling With Extrude Inner

02m 19s

Modelling With The Knife

05m 43s

Modelling With Bevel

03m 4s

Modelling With Bridge

04m 48s

Working With Edge Loops

02m 47s

Welding Points

04m 19s

Soft Selections

02m 27s

Chapter: Modelling Objects And Deformers

Working With The Boole Object

04m 47s

Working With Array And Atom Array

04m 4s

Working With Instance Objects

01m 55s

Working With Explosion FX

04m 41s

Bend, Bulge, And Twist FFD

05m 7s

Working With The Spline Wrap

06m 7s

Chapter: Lighting

Lighting In 3D

07m 29s

Light Types

09m 41s

Working With The Sky Object

06m 9s

Global Illumination

06m 11s

Physical Sky

04m 33s

Ambient Occlusion

06m 11s

Chapter: Defining Materials And Textures

Materials 101

05m 21s

Projection Methods

04m 51s

Material Channels And The Content Browser

04m 55s

Bump And Displacement Channels

04m 23s

Frontal Projection

06m 57s

Textures With Alpha

05m 14s

Chapter: Animation

Animation Fundamentals

04m 54s

Keyframes And The Powerslider

07m 52s

Autokey Mode

03m 3s

F Curve Manager

05m 31s

Path Animation

04m 4s

Camera Morph

08m 56s

Motion Camera

09m 23s

Previewing Animations

02m 14s

Chapter: Rendering

Render Settings

04m 14s

Multipass Rendering - Part 1

04m 53s

Multipass Rendering - Part 2

15m 20s

Multipass Rendering And Photoshop

04m 35s

After Effects To Cinema 4D

09m 49s

Chapter: Mograph

What Is Mograph

01m 27s

The Cloner

07m 27s

The Random Effector

05m 10s


05m 44s


03m 36s

Chapter: Building The Robot

Modelling The Head

04m 24s

Modelling The Antenna

05m 12s

Modelling The Eyes

10m 28s

Modelling The Body

07m 45s

Modelling The Arms

10m 33s

Modelling The Tire

09m 59s


13m 45s

Chapter: Conclusion


01m 53s