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Table of Contents

Chapter: Welcome to Class


02m 13s

Chapter: Prototyping

Why Prototype?

04m 27s

Basic Prototyping

16m 0s

Prototyping Non-Interface Parts

08m 3s

Prototyping Review

00m 56s

Chapter: UI Automation Testing

UI Automation Introduction

10m 5s

The UI Automation API

10m 17s

Real World: Testing Behavior

10m 43s

Real World: Finding A Memory Leak

05m 0s

Chapter: Instruments, Profiling, and Debugging

Using Instruments to Find and Fix Problems

10m 35s

LLVM Debugger Overview and Use

15m 48s

Chapter: UI Kit Dynamics

Why UI Kit Dynamics?

16m 33s

Physics Engine Gotchas

04m 22s

Drag and Drop

05m 54s

Collection Views and Dynamics

05m 53s

Chapter: Gesture Recognizers

Overview and History of Gesture Recognizers

05m 24s

Discrete Recognizers

08m 2s

Continuous Recognizers

14m 40s

Complex Recognition

02m 32s

Writing Your Own Recognizer

09m 51s