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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Moodle and Moodle Themes

An Overview of Moodle

02m 26s

Icons in Moodle

02m 28s

Creating a Course and Adding Course Components

02m 9s

What is a Moodle Theme?

02m 40s

How Themes Help You

03m 28s

Chapter: Preinstalled Themes

Finding the Location of Themes in Moodle

04m 17s

Theme Settings

02m 51s

The Theme Selector

03m 43s

Themes for Assessment-based Courses

03m 57s

Themes for Discussion-focused Courses

03m 33s

Themes for Multimedia and Instruction-heavy Courses

04m 29s

Themes with Social Media-intensive Courses

03m 25s

Designing for Moodle Mobile

04m 0s

Chapter: Customizing the Appearance of Activities

Customizing a Calendar

02m 52s

Customizing Forums

04m 56s

Creating a Course Repository

02m 31s

Customizing Assessments: A Quiz

03m 48s

Modifying the Workshop for Portfolios

05m 20s

Modifying the Workshop for Collaborations

02m 17s

Chapter: Customizing the Appearance of Resources

Adding URLs: Changing Links

02m 50s

Creating Icons for Clickable Links

01m 44s

Customizing the Appearance of a Link

02m 33s

Embedding a Player or Creating a Link to a Plugin

03m 1s

Embedding Videos: Changing the Appearance

02m 47s

Incorporating Google Maps/GPS Information

02m 46s

Chapter: Using Cascading Style Sheets for Modifying Built-in Themes

Cascading Style Sheets

04m 25s

Common Codes to Use in CSS

03m 55s

Colors in CSS

04m 2s

Fonts in CSS

04m 38s

The CSS Theme Tool Block

03m 1s

Chapter: Downloading Themes

Advantages of Using Core and Contributed Themes

04m 6s

Moodle Docs: A Great Source

02m 48s

Reviewing Themes

05m 1s

Selecting Themes for Instructor-led and Self-study Courses

04m 42s

Selecting Responsive Themes for Multiple Devices

06m 9s

Chapter: Developing Our Own Themes

The Rapidly Changing World of Online Learning

03m 0s

Competency-based Education: A Certification Program

03m 54s

Mobile On-the-Job Competency Demonstration

03m 33s

Collaborative Social Media Use

05m 27s

MOOC (Massive Online Open Course): Update Designs

04m 11s

Chapter: Customizing Outcomes

Customizable Outcomes/Assessments

05m 7s

Certificates: Generating upon Completion of Assessments

03m 18s

Changing the Appearance of Certificates: Title and Fonts

02m 27s

Changing the Appearance of Certificates: Graphics

03m 25s

Badges and their uses

02m 45s

Designing Badges

03m 16s

Creating/Sizing Badges

04m 42s