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Table of Contents

Chapter: The GameMaker: Studio Interface

The New Project Window

05m 29s

The Main Interface

05m 32s

The Resource Interface

03m 17s

GameMaker: Studio's Preferences

02m 49s

GameMaker's Drop-down Menu

11m 12s

Chapter: The Basics of Game Maker Language

A First Look at Game Maker Language

07m 35s

Game Maker Language Functions

03m 57s

The If Statement

04m 21s

For and While Loops

04m 16s

Chapter: Creating Objects and Assigning Properties

The Basic Use of Objects

03m 24s

Using Sprites with Objects

04m 39s

Chapter: Basic Animation

Animating with GameMaker: Studio

02m 36s

Animated Sprites and Objects

02m 10s

Chapter: Movement and Object Interaction

Creating Movements

05m 18s

Object Collisions and Interactions

02m 57s

Buttons and Changing Levels

02m 27s

Chapter: Advanced Movement

Setting Up Stats for the Player

03m 9s

Coding Advanced Movements

15m 59s

Sprite Control

03m 25s

Chapter: Implementing Gameplay Features

Creating an Objective

05m 7s

Obstacles and Death

04m 27s

Creating Enemies

03m 40s

Health and Scores

06m 17s

Chapter: Creating a Simple AI

States and Variables

02m 14s

Coding States

09m 42s

Attack and Death

07m 14s