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Table of Contents

Chapter: An Introduction to Civil 3D and Its Interface

What Is Civil 3D?

02m 22s

What You Should Expect from This Course

01m 1s

Working with the Dataset for This Course

01m 51s

The Civil 3D Workspace

02m 37s

Civil 3D Settings and Styles

04m 14s

Chapter: Working with Surfaces

Surfaces Overview

02m 52s

Adding Data to a Surface

07m 21s

Surface Properties

03m 22s

Editing Surfaces

04m 56s

Surface Labels

04m 37s

Chapter: Creating Alignments

Alignment Overview

02m 31s

Alignment Element Constraints

01m 49s

Creating Alignments The PI Method

03m 50s

Creating Alignments The Fixed, Floating, and Free Methods

04m 41s

Alignment Properties

04m 41s

Alignment Reporting

02m 45s

Alignment Labels and Tables

04m 31s

Chapter: Creating Profiles

Profile Overview

02m 44s

Surface Profiles and Profile Views

03m 33s

Design Profiles

06m 10s

Editing Profiles

02m 2s

Profile and Profile View Labeling

03m 37s

Profile Reporting

02m 47s

Chapter: Assemblies and Subassemblies

Assembly and Subassembly Overview

04m 36s

Creating Assemblies for Corridor Modeling

04m 54s

Modifying Assemblies

02m 32s

Copying Assemblies to a Tool Palette

02m 36s

Chapter: Corridors

Corridor Overview

03m 36s

Creating a Corridor

04m 19s

Target Mapping

03m 58s

Corridor Properties

04m 13s

Corridor Surfaces

03m 28s

Reviewing and Editing Corridor Sections

05m 37s

An Overview of Intersections

02m 30s

Creating Intersections

04m 28s

Reviewing and Editing Intersections

04m 41s

Chapter: Pipe Networks

Pipe Networks Overview

04m 20s

Configuring Pipe Networks

05m 18s

Laying Out a Pipe Network

06m 17s

Editing Pipe Networks

03m 55s

Interference Checking with Pipe Networks

03m 38s


02m 7s