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Table of Contents

Chapter: CoffeeScript 101

A Taste of CoffeeScript

08m 56s

Concepts and Usage

03m 10s

Tools and Extras

01m 27s

Chapter: Head-first Application Development

Basics of Object-oriented Programming

04m 19s

MVC and Using It in Our Project

05m 9s

Inheritance and Keeping Classes Simple

04m 24s

Chapter: The Storage Layer - Models and Data Persistence

Models and Storage Basics

05m 28s

Models in Our Application

08m 44s

Chapter: Routing and Views

Introduction to Routing, Controllers, and Views

02m 44s

Routing and Controllers

02m 56s

The View Layer

06m 43s

Chapter: Interactions and Event Handling - Using JQuery with CoffeeScript

Local Events

05m 29s

Global Events

05m 55s

Chapter: Extending Our Application - Manipulating Stored Data

Organizing Application Data

05m 22s

Extending the Document Classes

03m 52s

Making Our App More Usable

03m 53s

Chapter: Extending Our Application - Add an External Library

Adding External Libraries

02m 0s

Modifying Our App for Rich Text Editing

04m 35s

Exporting Our Documents to PDF

04m 35s

Chapter: Publishing and Real-world Usage for Our Documents

Using Our Documents Offline

06m 6s

Publishing Files

03m 39s

What's Next?

01m 16s