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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with ggplot2

Setting Up ggplot2

02m 50s

Understanding the Structure of a Plot

03m 21s

Mapping Data to Graphical Elements with Aesthetics

03m 1s

Understanding Some Subtleties with Aesthetics

03m 1s

Using ggplot2 in Scripts

02m 47s

Chapter: Understanding Basic Plots

Drawing Lines

02m 28s

Drawing Paths

01m 46s

Bar Charts

02m 0s

Histograms and Density Plots

02m 47s

Using Boxplots

02m 33s

Chapter: Using Conditional Plots

Using Group and Color

02m 7s

Using Size and Color

01m 57s

Over Plotting Many Points with Jitter

02m 6s

Faceting with One Variable

01m 39s

Faceting with Two Variables

01m 43s

Chapter: Using Statistics in Our Plot

Linear Trends

01m 56s

Non-linear Trends

01m 53s

User-Defined Function

01m 46s

BigVis: Visualizing Big Data

02m 10s

BigVis: Smoothing Plots and Peeling Data

02m 4s

Chapter: Customizing Your Graphs

Controlling the Axes

02m 18s

Ordering Variables

01m 54s

Customizing the Color Palette for Categorical Variables

02m 1s

Customizing the Color Palette for Continuous Variables

02m 48s

Customizing the Axes Labels and the Legends

02m 17s

Chapter: Shiny - Part 1

Creating Interactive Web Pages with Shiny

01m 48s

Understanding the Structure of a Shiny App

03m 53s

Rendering Text

02m 46s

Understanding Reactive Programming

03m 54s

Using a Button to Avoid Frequent Updates

02m 18s

Chapter: Shiny - Part 2

Creating and Using Tabs

02m 10s


02m 52s

Uploading a File

02m 3s

Downloading a File

02m 15s

Sharing Your Work

03m 6s

Chapter: Putting Everything Together

Designing an Interactive Dashboard

02m 11s

Building a Time Series Plot

02m 39s

Making a Bubble Chart in ggplot2

02m 18s

Making Conditional Panels

02m 27s

Building the Dashboard

02m 44s