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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

00m 49s

Course Overview

02m 12s

Chapter: PHP CLI

The PHP Command Line

04m 17s

PHP's Built-In Web Server

05m 14s

PHP for Message Queue Workers

04m 56s

Chapter: New Features

Anonymous Functions

06m 27s

Variadic Functions and Argument Unpacking

04m 14s


02m 48s

Upgrading PHP Tips

13m 45s

Chapter: Security Improvements

PHP's Filter Extension

06m 35s

Passwords in PHP

06m 29s

Chapter: Object Oriented PHP

Object-Oriented Programming

02m 40s

Objects, Classes, and Inheritance

08m 52s

Autoloading and Code Organization

05m 50s


08m 25s

Interfaces and Type Hinting

08m 25s

Abstract Classes

03m 7s


04m 22s


09m 40s

The Standard PHP Library

08m 23s

Chapter: PSRs

PHP-FIG and the PSRs

02m 53s

Autoloading PSRs

04m 8s

Code Style PSRs

05m 34s

Current and Future PSRs

04m 22s

Chapter: Composer

Introduction to Composer

07m 25s

Publish Your Own Packages with Composer

05m 27s

Security Considerations with Composer

02m 44s

Chapter: PHP and Databases

PDO (PHP Database Objects)

03m 25s

Selecting Data with PDO

11m 41s

Making Other Kinds of Queries with PDO

04m 44s

Chapter: Course Closing


01m 15s