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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Overview

00m 55s

Chapter: PHP and HTTP

PHP's Tools for HTTP

01m 27s

PHP Curl Extension: Simple Example

05m 11s

Doing More with Curl

07m 17s

PHP Streams

09m 45s

Guzzle: PHP's HTTP Library

01m 19s

HTTP with Guzzle

06m 31s

PHP as a Server

06m 50s

Chapter: RPC Services

Introduction to RPC Services

05m 18s

Building an RPC Service

05m 57s

Consuming an RPC Service

08m 8s

Error Handling in RPC

04m 55s

Chapter: SOAP

Introduction to SOAP Services

02m 37s

Building Your Own SOAP Service

02m 17s

Web Service Description Language

04m 48s

Consuming a SOAP Service

02m 43s

Chapter: REST

REST: Principles and Examples

12m 3s

Building a RESTful Service in PHP

08m 4s

Consuming a RESTful Service in PHP

04m 20s

Chapter: Debugging HTTP

Endpoints to Use for Testing HTTP Requests

07m 54s

Curl from the CLI

07m 22s

Wireshark: Network Protocol Analyzer

05m 17s

Charles: Web Debugging Proxy

09m 3s

Chapter: Designing APIs

Designing Excellent APIs

03m 34s

Picking a Data Format for Your API

06m 33s

Caching for APIs

03m 39s

Authentication in Your API

04m 38s

Error Handling

04m 7s