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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Project Setup

02m 55s

Lein-Ring Plugin

02m 26s

Simple Ring Handler

02m 31s

Running the Ring Server

03m 21s

Building Web Application Packages

03m 37s

Chapter: Ring Handlers

Ring Handler Anatomy

03m 27s

Request Map

02m 22s

Response Map

03m 7s


03m 3s

The Not Found Error and Error Handling

03m 15s

Chapter: Middleware


04m 17s

Middleware Example

03m 17s

Altering Requests and Responses

03m 14s

Using Existing Middleware

03m 40s

Chapter: Forms and Session Handling

Form Handling

05m 53s

Generating HTML Content

04m 0s

Manipulating Cookies

02m 29s

Ring Sessions

04m 42s

Chapter: Building RESTful APIs

APIs Introduction and Routing

07m 41s

An Example RESTful API

05m 16s

Handling Errors in REST APIs

02m 59s

Chapter: Database Connectivity

Connecting to PostgreSQL

04m 59s

Using Korma

03m 6s

Connecting to MongoDB

04m 8s

Chapter: ClojureScript

Introduction to ClojureScript

03m 44s

Manipulating the DOM Tree with ClojureScript

03m 27s

Accessing REST APIs from ClojureScript

06m 3s

Chapter: Useful Web Libraries in Clojure

Routing with Compojure

04m 47s

HTML Generation with Hiccup

02m 57s

HTML Templating with Enlive

04m 20s

REST APIs with Liberator

04m 0s