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Table of Contents

Chapter: 3D Platformer - Part 1: Setting the Scene

Course Overview

01m 55s

UDK Installation

09m 59s

Setting the Jump Height

06m 7s

Build the Foundation

08m 23s

Finishing a Room

08m 11s

Extending the Area

07m 5s

Beautify with Materials and Meshes

08m 17s

Chapter: 3D Platformer - Part 2: Creating Collectables

Building a Collectable

08m 58s

Picking Up the Collectable

07m 28s

Using Named Variables

07m 6s

Creating Prefabs Part 1

05m 46s

Chapter: 3D Platformer - Part 3: Implementing a Checkpoint System in Kismet

Setting Object Variables at Runtime

06m 28s

Building the Checkpoint

04m 3s

Implementing Checkpoint Behavior

05m 8s

Creating Prefabs Part 2

04m 42s

Chapter: 3D Platformer - Part 4: Level Streaming

Making a Persistent Level

05m 18s

Setting Up Streaming Volumes

04m 1s

Changing to Additional Levels

05m 35s

Chapter: UnrealScript Setup

Setting Up UnCodex

07m 12s

Setting Up Our IDE

05m 8s

Saying Hello with UnrealScript

16m 55s

Chapter: 3D Platformer - Part 5: UnrealScript Programming

Third-person Orbiting Camera Part 1: GameType

05m 38s

Implementing the Pawn

18m 3s

Implementing the PlayerController

07m 20s

Zoom In/Out with Cameras

07m 33s

Chapter: Completing the Project

Custom Loading Screen

11m 11s

Main Menu

07m 46s

Replace the Escape Menu

04m 42s

Replace Splash Screens

02m 2s

Create an Installer for Your Games

03m 34s

Chapter: Where to Go from Here

The Epic Game Community

02m 59s


03m 12s