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Table of Contents

Chapter: Organization Administration

Set Up Your Company Profile

03m 47s

User Interface Options

05m 21s

Search Settings

03m 5s

Currency Management

03m 11s

Setting Up Fiscal Years within Your Organization

02m 46s

Chapter: User Management in Salesforce CRM

Creating Users

06m 39s

Creating Queues

04m 18s

Setting Up Profiles and Profile Management

05m 2s

Setting Up a Role Hierarchy within the Organization

04m 57s

Extending User Privileges with Permission Sets

05m 15s

Chapter: Configuration in Salesforce CRM

Creating Custom Fields

06m 53s

Creating Record Types and Page Layouts

06m 11s

Creating Custom Objects

08m 21s

Creating Formula Fields

07m 23s

Lookups and Master-Detail Relationships

07m 53s

Chapter: Data Management

Defining Organization-Wide Defaults

05m 59s

Extending Organization-Wide Defaults Using Sharing Rules

07m 24s

Managing Data Visibility Using Field-Level Security

04m 36s

Ensuring Data Quality Using Validation Rules

04m 34s

Importing Data from Other Systems Using Apex Data Loader

06m 23s

Chapter: Data Analytics

Creating Custom Reports

08m 15s

Creating Custom Matrix Reports

05m 14s

Creating Custom Report Types

05m 14s

Creating Charts

05m 4s

Creating Dashboards

06m 16s

Chapter: Implementing Business Processes in Salesforce CRM

Creating Workflow Rules

07m 30s

Creating Workflow Actions

07m 34s

Standardizing E-mail Communications Using E-mail Templates

09m 58s

Creating Time-Based Workflow Actions

05m 26s

Creating Approval Processes

09m 49s

Chapter: Salesforce CRM Functions

Creating Custom Sales Processes

06m 33s

Managing Opportunities and Quotes

12m 34s

Working with Campaigns and Campaign Members

10m 6s

Creating Web-to-Lead Forms

10m 53s

Managing Lead Conversion

09m 15s

Chapter: Extending Salesforce CRM

Creating Custom Applications and Custom Tabs

12m 36s

Enabling Customer Portals

13m 46s

Installing Apps from AppExchange

08m 16s

Customizing the Standard Home Page

06m 52s

Setting up Chatter within Your Organization

11m 1s

Chapter: Best Practices for Enhancing Productivity

Creating Custom Settings

07m 30s

Using the Translation Workbench

05m 7s

Deployment to Different Environments Using Packages

05m 15s

Delegating System Administration Using Delegated Groups

05m 7s

How to Create Future-Proof Validation and Workflow Rules

08m 14s