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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Should Expect From This Course

04m 3s

About The Author

03m 47s

What is Oracle?

04m 1s

Chapter: The Oracle Technology Family


02m 48s

Operating Systems

04m 30s


05m 18s

Middleware And Java

04m 41s

Chapter: Oracle Database Technology

What Is A Database?

06m 16s

Oracle RDBMS

05m 14s

Oracle Database Server Editions

05m 38s

Oracle Database Server Versioning

07m 41s

Oracle Database Options

07m 17s


08m 58s


06m 30s

SQL Developer

08m 40s

Chapter: Database Architecture

The Oracle RDBMS - Instance And Database

03m 49s

The Instance - Background Memory Processes

12m 9s

The Instance - System Global Area

07m 18s

The Instance - Program Global Area

05m 58s

The Database - Core Datafiles

10m 10s

The Redo Architecture

05m 50s

Real Application Clusters

05m 56s

Container Databases

04m 35s

Pluggable Databases

05m 43s

Chapter: Installing The Oracle Software

Planning An Installation

06m 4s

The Oracle Universal Installer

05m 41s

Installing The Software - Part 1

06m 26s

Installing The Software - Part 2

03m 47s

Chapter: Creating An Oracle Database

Planning Database Creation

04m 58s

Running NETCA And DBCA

04m 43s

Stepping Through Database Creation - Part 1

06m 42s

Stepping Through Database Creation - Part 2

07m 5s

Stepping Through Database Creation - Part 3

06m 21s

Setting Up The SQL Developer

04m 39s

Chapter: Structured Query Language (SQL)

What Is SQL?

06m 55s


07m 3s


06m 6s


04m 25s


05m 55s


08m 58s

Single Row Functions

09m 2s

Data Aggregation

07m 4s

Optimizer And Execution Plans

09m 40s

Transactions And Concurrency

04m 50s

Chapter: PL And SQL

What Is PL And SQL?

05m 52s

Anonymous Blocks

06m 27s


05m 25s


05m 38s


06m 15s

Object Types

06m 38s

Chapter: Oracle Storage Structures


08m 19s


07m 29s


06m 55s


07m 46s

Smallfile Tablespaces

06m 37s

Bigfile Tablespaces

07m 43s

Automatic Storage Management - ASM

10m 1s

Chapter: Database Objects


07m 50s


09m 20s

Temporary Tables

04m 18s

B-tree Indexes

07m 45s

Bitmap Indexes

05m 49s

Index Organized Tables

04m 3s

Function Based Indexes

05m 8s


04m 49s

Primary And Unique Keys

06m 52s

Foreign Keys

06m 40s

Check Constraints

06m 12s


05m 39s


08m 31s

Chapter: Database Security

Principles Of Database Security

08m 8s

Oracle Schema Based Approach

04m 46s

Creating And Dropping Users

06m 53s

System Privileges

06m 43s

Object Privileges

05m 53s


10m 15s


07m 7s


10m 15s

Chapter: Database Administrative Tasks

Instance Startup

06m 16s

Instance Shutdown

07m 15s

Parameter File

06m 46s

Modifying Parameters

08m 18s

The Data Dictionary

12m 14s

Password File

06m 2s


05m 17s

Alert Log And Trace Files

07m 1s

Memory Management

06m 28s

Monitoring Sessions

08m 29s

Monitoring Space Usage

05m 17s

Chapter: Database Backup And Recovery

Backup And Recovery Concepts

09m 48s

RMAN Backups

04m 25s

RMAN Incremental Backups

06m 56s

RMAN Complete Recovery

04m 51s

RMAN Incomplete Recovery

07m 27s

RMAN Backup Maintenance

05m 18s

Chapter: Data Migration

SQL Loader

08m 11s

External Tables

04m 39s

Data Pump Export

07m 22s

Data Pump Import

04m 39s

Chapter: Oracle Networking

Understanding Oracle Connections

04m 36s

Networking Configuration Files

04m 52s

Listener Control

04m 11s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap-Up And Review

03m 12s