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Table of Contents

Chapter: Motivation

How do we learn to program?

04m 49s

Chapter: Setup

Environment Setup

04m 41s

IDE Basics

07m 50s

Chapter: Java Basics

Introducing Classes

10m 38s

Calling Methods

03m 22s

Organizing code in packages

02m 58s

Chapter: Java Programming I

Variables & Values

15m 0s

Introducing Static Typing

13m 34s

Java References

07m 19s

Flow Control

31m 21s

Other Keywords

11m 45s

Chapter: Java Ecosystem

Lifecycle of Java Code

07m 34s

Introduction to Command-line tools

06m 14s

Digging Deeper with the Command Line

17m 32s

Classloading & the Platform

03m 29s


01m 7s

Chapter: Working With Data

Java's Strings

09m 5s


16m 14s

Chapter: Arrays & Collections

Java's arrays

32m 2s

Introduction to Collections and Lists

07m 49s


08m 56s


07m 24s

Chapter: Basic OO in Java

Classes Revisited

09m 37s

Access Control

08m 31s


14m 51s

Inheritance vs composition

09m 25s

Chapter: Java's Type System


14m 14s


12m 0s


07m 47s

Chapter: Conclusion

What have we learned?

02m 15s