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Table of Contents

Chapter: Welcome To Acrobat XI

What You Will Learn

01m 42s

Using The Sample Files

00m 37s

Chapter: Introduction To Acrobat XI

Acrobat Components

04m 19s

Acrobat Interface

07m 55s

Toolbars And Task Panes

10m 42s

Navigating With Zoom Tools

08m 46s

Other Navigation Tools

07m 35s

Finding And Searching In PDFs

08m 16s

Updating And Securing Acrobat

08m 23s

Chapter: Creating PDFs

PDF Creation Settings

10m 11s

Creating PDFs From Files

05m 5s

Creating PDFs Using The PDF Printer

04m 4s

Using PDFMaker With Microsoft Word

05m 51s

Using PDFMaker With Microsoft Excel

05m 21s

Using PDFMaker With Microsoft Powerpoint

06m 0s

Scanning Into A PDF Document

13m 53s

OCR - Convert Scans To Live Text

09m 37s

Creating PDFs From Adobe Applications

08m 25s

Creating PDFs From Web Pages

08m 40s

Converting Email To PDF With Microsoft Outlook

08m 5s

Chapter: Editing PDFs

Setting Initial Views

06m 3s

Full Screen Mode And Transitions

06m 48s

Creating And Editing Links

09m 47s

Managing Text Flow With Articles

10m 5s

Editing Text

05m 14s

Touching Up Objects

05m 17s

Formatting PDFs With Headers And Footers

08m 31s

Enhancing PDFs With Backgrounds And Watermarks

07m 43s

Attaching Files To PDFs

03m 21s

Exporting PDFs To Microsoft Office

07m 45s

Exporting PDF Contents To Files

05m 10s

Chapter: Advanced PDF Editing

Combining Multiple Files Into PDFs

09m 11s

Splitting A PDF Into Multiple Files

04m 31s

Moving, Adding And Removing Pages In A PDF

06m 4s

Extracting And Replacing Pages

04m 45s

Adding Multimedia Content To PDFs

06m 59s

Adding 3D Content To PDFs

11m 41s

Adding Buttons To PDFs

11m 45s

PDF Optimization

07m 36s

Chapter: Adding Bookmarks

Using Bookmarks In A PDF

05m 42s

Creating Bookmarks

07m 18s

Linking Bookmarks To Views

04m 39s

Modifying And Organizing Bookmarks

05m 36s

Assigning Actions To Bookmarks

07m 9s

Chapter: Collaboration

Methods Of Collaborating

03m 22s

Adding Comments And Annotations

09m 32s

Adding Drawing Markups

05m 48s

Stamping And Creating Custom Stamps

04m 35s

Sending For Email Review

06m 19s

Sending For Shared Review

07m 38s

Tracking PDF Review Results

04m 34s

Chapter: Combining Multiple Files Into A PDF Portfolio

Introduction To PDF Portfolios

06m 46s

Creating A PDF Portfolio

04m 38s

Adding Files Or Folders To A Portfolio

03m 22s

Customize Portfolio Appearance

06m 25s

Portfolio Finishing Touches

05m 11s

Compatibility With Older Versions

04m 33s

Chapter: Conclusion

Further Studies And Resources

02m 33s