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Table of Contents

Chapter: Site Planning And Wireframing

What You Will Learn

03m 45s

The Workflow Process

03m 1s

Setting Up Illustrator For Web Layout

04m 35s

Getting Started With Wire Framing

06m 48s

Making The Layout Precise With Transform And Align

07m 35s

Setting Up Layout Guides

05m 32s

Wireframing Additional Layout Objects

05m 44s

Finishing Up The Wireframe - Part 1

07m 33s

Finishing Up The Wireframe - Part 2

03m 16s

Chapter: From Wireframe To Design

Choosing Fonts

04m 55s

Choosing Colors

07m 45s

Creating The Site Logo

07m 5s

Scaling And Positioning The Logo

03m 33s

Creating A Brush Effect

07m 8s

Building Out The Design Further

06m 2s

Pushing The Design Further

04m 51s

Using Yahoo! Design Elements

05m 41s

Chapter: Moving The Design To Photoshop

Getting The Design Into Photoshop

06m 55s

Adjusting The Canvas Size

03m 50s

Introducing Smart Objects

05m 43s

Breaking Apart The Layout - Part 1

06m 19s

Breaking Apart The Layout - Part 2

05m 58s

Breaking Apart The Rest Of The Layout

04m 35s

Organizing The Layers Panel

05m 31s

Building Out The Header

04m 15s

Inserting The Header Texture And A Clipping Group

07m 25s

Inserting Photographs - Part 1

05m 5s

Inserting Photographs - Part 2

06m 13s

Building The Center Section

08m 20s

Finalizing The Layout

05m 0s

Chapter: Installing WordPress Locally On The PC And Mac

Downloading WordPress

02m 49s

Downloading XAMPP For PC

02m 51s

Starting Up XAMPP And Creating The MySQL Database

04m 53s

Installing WordPress On The PC

06m 18s

Downloading MAMP For Mac

02m 13s

Pointing MAMP To WordPress

03m 46s

Creating The Database And Installing WordPress On The Mac

07m 21s

Chapter: Getting WordPress Set Up

Viewing And Touring The Admin Console

04m 1s

Viewing The WordPress Front And Backend

03m 17s

WordPress Main Areas

05m 0s

Permalink Option Settings

04m 0s

Changing The Sites Theme

04m 22s

Chapter: Building A Custom WordPress Theme

Viewing The Template Files And A Note About Text Editors

05m 31s

Defining The Main Layout Components - Part 1

06m 25s

Defining The Main Layout Components - Part 2

05m 1s

Adjusting The Layout Width

04m 52s

Starting The Sites Header

06m 1s

Slicing The Layout's Header Graphic

07m 7s

Saving The Header Background

05m 16s

Correcting The File Structure

02m 49s

Inserting The Header Graphic Into The CSS

05m 4s

Extracting The Logo From The Photoshop Layout

05m 21s

Inserting The Logo And Making Code Adjustments

07m 58s

Resizing The Logo

03m 12s

Roughing In The Slidshow - Part 1

06m 33s

Roughing In The Slidshow - Part 2

05m 45s

Chapter: Building The Site's News Feed

Understanding How Posts And The Loop Works

06m 21s

Writing And Publishing Posts

05m 4s

Setting A Featured Image Post Thumbnail - Part 1

05m 26s

Setting A Featured Image Post Thumbnail - Part 2

06m 51s

Inserting The More Tag

02m 48s

Creating Additional Test Posts

02m 55s

Setting The Blog Loop Background Graphic

07m 29s

Controlling Background Tiling

04m 12s

Adding The Blog Loop Title

03m 27s

Customizing How Posts Display - Part 1

02m 40s

Customizing How Posts Display - Part 2

03m 50s

Finalizing The Blog Loop

02m 33s

Chapter: Building The Site Pages And Main Menu

Understanding Pages Versus Posts

03m 13s

Publishing Pages And Updating The Menu

04m 11s

Creating Additional Test Pages

03m 21s

Controlling The Order Of Menu Items

05m 1s

Finishing Up The Menu

02m 4s

Chapter: Building The Layout's Center Section

Saving The Graphic For The Center Section

05m 25s

Coding The Center Section

06m 7s

Applying The Background Texture

04m 48s

Extracting The Center Section Graphics

05m 4s

Coding The Center Graphics

03m 51s

Final Center Box Adjustments

05m 52s

Setting Center Box Hyperlinks

03m 3s

Chapter: Building An Automated Slideshow

Downloading And Installing The Gallery Plugin

04m 1s

Inserting The Gallery Code

02m 31s

Creating The Slideshow Graphics

05m 22s

Building The Slide Posts

06m 4s

Configuring The Slideshow

04m 49s

Removing The Gallery Posts From The Loop

04m 7s

Chapter: Building The Sidebar And Footer

Saving Out The Sidebar Background

03m 2s

Adjusting The Sidebar CSS

05m 6s

Previewing The WordPress Default Calendar

04m 8s

Downloading And Installing An Events Calendar

03m 5s

Adding An Event To The Calendar

03m 12s

Customizing The Calendars CSS

07m 43s

Installing The Photo Gallery Widget

03m 18s

Configuring The Photo Gallery Widget

03m 17s

Adjusting The Thumbnail Size

03m 12s

Creating The Thumbnail Posts

04m 21s

Restricting The Gallery Posts

03m 30s

Adjusting The Blog Loop And Gallery CSS

06m 16s

Inserting The Newsletter Graphic

06m 3s

Building The Layout's Footer - Part 1

07m 20s

Building The Layout's Footer - Part 2

04m 20s

Setting The Graphics In The Footer

01m 51s

Finalizing The Footer Content

06m 11s

Chapter: Uploading To A Live Web Server

Exporting The Local Database

03m 1s

Preparing The Database For Uploading

03m 25s

Creating The Live Database

02m 14s

Adding A Database User

02m 10s

Importing The Local Database

02m 5s

Updating the PHP and CSS Files

04m 8s

Updating The Configuration File

01m 59s

Uploading The Sites Files

02m 12s

Viewing The Live Site And Final Tweaks

02m 29s

Wrapping Up

01m 38s

Chapter: About The Author

Learn About Me

01m 25s