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Table of Contents

Chapter: Deploying Cloud Instances for Hadoop 2.0

Introduction to the Cloud and Hadoop

04m 44s

Deploying a Linux Amazon Machine Image

05m 43s

Setting Up Amazon Instances

04m 12s

Chapter: Setting Up Network and Security Settings

Network and Security Settings Overview

04m 54s

Identifying and Allocating Security Groups

05m 50s

Configuration of Private Keys in a Windows Environment

05m 39s

Chapter: Connecting to Cloud Instances

Overview of the Connectivity Options for Windows to the Amazon Cloud

04m 53s

Installing and Using Putty for Connectivity to Windows Clients

04m 47s

Transferring Files to Linux Nodes with PSCP

04m 18s

Chapter: Setting Up Network Connectivity and Access for Hadoop Clusters

Defining the Hadoop Cluster

06m 13s

Setting Up Password-less SSH on the Head Node

08m 19s

Gathering Network Details and Setting Up the HOSTS File

08m 26s

Chapter: Setting Up Configuration Settings across Hadoop Clusters

Setting Up Linux Software Repositories

05m 10s

Using the Parallel Shell Utility (pdsh)

07m 26s

Prepping for Hadoop Installation

08m 58s

Chapter: Creating a Hadoop Cluster

Building a Hadoop Cluster

06m 54s

Installing Hadoop 2 Part 1

05m 27s

Installing Hadoop 2 Part 2

07m 9s

Chapter: Loading and Navigating the Hadoop File System (HDFS)

Understanding the Hadoop File System

06m 22s

Loading and Navigating the Hadoop File System

07m 36s

Ambari Server and Dashboard

07m 0s

Chapter: Hadoop Tools and Processing Files

Hadoop Tools and Processing Files

10m 16s

Installing HUE

07m 37s

Using HUE

06m 3s