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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To SolidWorks 2014

02m 1s

What You Will Learn

04m 59s

User Interface

06m 15s

Chapter: Sketching Basics

Sketching Overview

04m 18s

The Sketching Environment

03m 45s


05m 5s


03m 11s

Circles And Arcs

03m 43s

Automatic Relations

03m 53s

Manually Adding Relations

04m 55s

Smart Dimensions

04m 40s

Numeric Sketch Input

03m 34s

Fully Defined Sketches

02m 38s

Over Defined Sketches

04m 21s

Construction Geometry

02m 53s

Testing Your Sketching Skills

07m 52s

Chapter: Intermediate Sketching


02m 24s


03m 44s

Fillets - Chapter 3

03m 4s

Chamfers - Chapter 3

02m 42s

Trim and Extend

03m 28s

Offset Entities

02m 37s

Convert Entities

02m 53s

Mirror Entities

02m 4s

Sketch Patterns

05m 30s

Sketch Tools

05m 10s

Copy And Paste Sketch Geometry

02m 52s


03m 5s

Sketching On Faces

02m 45s

Repair Sketch

02m 55s

Rapid Sketch

02m 59s

Chapter: SolidWorks Features Basics

Features Overview

02m 55s

The Features Environment

03m 4s

Extruded Boss And Base

04m 48s

Extruded Cut

02m 20s

Fillets - Chapter 4

05m 40s

Chamfers - Chapter 4

04m 0s

Revolved Boss And Base

05m 9s

Revolved Cut

01m 51s


03m 43s

Sweep Boss And Base

04m 3s

Lofted Boss And Base

06m 19s


02m 25s

Testing Your Skills - Basic Features - Part 1

07m 14s

Testing Your Skills - Basic Features - Part 2

09m 25s

Testing Your Skills - Basic Features - Part 3

06m 54s

Chapter: Intermediate SolidWorks Features

Linear Pattern

03m 36s

Circular Pattern

03m 1s

Curve Driven Pattern

04m 42s

Sketch Driven Pattern

02m 42s

Fill Patterns

05m 36s


05m 41s

Hole Wizard

05m 59s

Reference Planes

06m 28s

Reference Axes

02m 13s

Reference Coordinate System

03m 32s

Chapter: Modelling A Part

Where to Begin

03m 44s

Selecting A Plane

02m 55s

Design Intent

05m 28s

Feature Manager Design Tree

03m 56s

Parent And Child Relationships

03m 9s

Editing Parts

03m 11s

Instant 3D

03m 0s


04m 24s

Measure Tool

03m 58s

Mass Properties

03m 15s

Chapter: Assembly Basics

Assembly Overview

01m 16s

The Assembly Environment

02m 57s

Feature Manager Tree

01m 53s

Inserting Components

02m 30s

Positioning Parts

03m 57s

Hide And Show Components

03m 12s

Mates Overview

04m 47s

Coincident Mate

04m 25s

Parallel Mate

02m 20s

Perpendicular Mate

02m 38s

Tangent Mate

02m 9s

Concentric Mate

02m 52s

Chapter: Intermediate Assemblies

Distance Mate

01m 38s

Angle Mate

03m 39s

Width Mate

03m 30s

Smart Mates

03m 47s

Interference Detection

03m 24s

Collision Detection

03m 17s

Dynamic Clearance

02m 25s

Testing Your Skills - Assemblies - Part 1

07m 56s

Testing Your Skills - Assemblies - Part 2

07m 36s

Chapter: Drawings

Drawing Overview

03m 38s

The Drawing Environment

05m 16s

Model View

05m 36s

Standard View

04m 48s

Projected View

01m 46s

Auxiliary View

03m 18s

Section View

08m 7s

Detail View

05m 3s

Broken-Out Section

03m 8s


04m 56s

Crop View

02m 30s

Alternate Position View

03m 20s

View Alignment

01m 42s


02m 13s

Chapter: Drawing Annotations

Dimension Overview

03m 19s

Driving Dimensions

07m 1s

Driven Dimensions

04m 16s

Dimension Format

03m 25s

Center Marks

02m 13s

Center Lines

01m 56s


04m 50s

Bill of Materials

02m 56s


03m 28s

Drawing Templates

03m 30s

Chapter: About the Author

About the Author

02m 6s