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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


02m 9s

Chapter: Creating A Commercial Project

Starting A Lumion Project

03m 7s

Editing An Existing Project

02m 34s

Importing A 3D Model

04m 25s

Updating A 3D Model

03m 47s

Placing A Camera View

02m 52s

Creating A Camera Path

03m 42s

Assigning Materials To The 3D Model

05m 47s

Adjusting Glass Properties

03m 59s

Adding People To A Scene

05m 0s

Placing Lumion Content In A Scene

05m 35s

Sun Direction And Clouds

02m 52s

Global Illumination

03m 41s

Duplicating Objects

03m 45s

Creating An Interior Still Image

02m 30s

Creating A Night Scene

00m 51s

Adding Exterior Lighting

04m 7s

Adding Interior Lighting

04m 17s

Adding Street Lamps From Lumion

06m 4s

Placing Vehicles And Trees In A Scene

05m 26s

Rendering Day And Night Scenes

03m 44s

Animating Cars And People

04m 25s

Creating A Snowy Scene

02m 11s

Chapter: Creating A Residential Project

Creating Mountains And Adjusting Terrain Heights

04m 31s

Adjusting Elevation

01m 32s

Creating Lakes And Rivers

06m 24s

Assigning Exterior Materials To A Residence

08m 35s

Adding People To A Residential Scene

03m 48s

Adding Trees And Buildings To The Site

03m 23s

Creating Realistic Grass

01m 54s

Adjusting The Sun And Clouds - Adding Depth

02m 51s

Placing Interior Objects

07m 13s

Changing Interior Finishes

02m 10s

Creating Fire

01m 51s

Adding Fog And Rain Effects

04m 28s

Creating A Solar Study

05m 48s

Creating A Movie With A Logo Or Text

06m 58s

Chapter: Conclusion

About The Author

01m 43s