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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

01m 50s

Options For Social Integration

02m 42s

Chapter: Using The UIActivityViewController

Posting To Twitter Or Facebook

04m 17s

Chapter: Using The SLComposeViewController

Posting To Twitter - Chapter 3

03m 25s

Posting To Facebook - Chapter 3

03m 36s

Chapter: Using The SLRequest API

Account Access

03m 27s

Posting To Twitter - Chapter 4

03m 22s

Reading The Twitter Timeline

02m 59s

Posting To Facebook - Chapter 4

04m 17s

Chapter: Facebook SDK

Setting Up And Logging In

04m 0s

Using The Facebook Session

04m 23s

Posting To The Wall

04m 2s

Getting The User Profile

02m 43s

Retrieving Friends

04m 31s

Using The Location Of The User

06m 5s

Chapter: Conclusion

Resources And About The Author

03m 16s