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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To Revit Stairs And Railings

00m 53s

What Is Revit Architecture Stairs And Railings?

01m 35s

Who Uses Revit Architecture Stairs And Railings?

01m 21s

What You Will Learn From This Course

01m 17s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Creating Stairs

Stair Rules

03m 29s

Stair And Railing Components

04m 39s

Stair And Railing Tools And Options

03m 9s

Stair And Railing Types And Properties

05m 7s

Chapter: Methods Used To Create Stairs

Stair By Component

05m 20s

Stair By Sketch

08m 10s

Chapter: Creating Stair Runs By Component

Creating Straight Run Stairs

05m 16s

Creating L-Shaped Stairs

04m 56s

Creating U-Shaped Stairs

04m 56s

Creating L-Shaped Winder Stairs

03m 22s

Creating U-Shaped Winder Stairs

03m 0s

Modifying Stair Runs

08m 22s

Adding Railings To Stair Runs

02m 9s

Chapter: Creating A Spiral Staircase By Component

Creating Full Step Spiral Run Stairs

03m 44s

Creating Center Ends

04m 16s

Modifying The Shaft Opening

02m 24s

Chapter: Creating Stairs By Sketching

Creating Stairs By Sketching Runs

04m 36s

Creating Stairs By Sketching Boundary And Riser Lines

07m 28s

Creating A Spiral Stair By Sketching

07m 21s

Modifying Stair Sketches

06m 6s

Adding Railings To Stairs

06m 55s

Chapter: Creating Multi-Story Stairs

Creating The Multi-Story Stair

04m 4s

Modifying The Multi-Story Stair

03m 34s

Chapter: Creating Monolithic Stairs

Creating The Monolithic Stair

03m 37s

Modifying The Monolithic Stair

05m 16s

Chapter: Annotating Stairs

Symbolic Representation

07m 4s

Numbering Treads And Risers

05m 4s

Adding Annotations

05m 37s

Modifying Cut Marks

04m 14s

Tagging Stair Components

07m 19s

Chapter: Creating A Custom Bullnose

Creating A Bullnose Family

06m 47s

Adding The Bullnose To The Stairs

04m 39s

Chapter: Creating Railings

Place Railings During Stair Creation

06m 21s

Creating Railings By Sketching

06m 9s

Chapter: Designing Ramps

Creating Ramps By Run

05m 52s

Editing Boundary Conditions Of Ramps

04m 13s

Adding Railings To Ramps

02m 10s

Modifying Ramps

02m 14s

Chapter: Conclusion

Closing Remarks

00m 51s