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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Who Should Take This Course

02m 0s

Setting Up The Working Files

03m 11s

Premiere Pro And SpeedGrade Workflow

05m 26s

Shooting Video To Minimize Corrections

02m 37s

Examples Of Poorly Exposed And Color Balanced Video

06m 48s

About The Author

01m 9s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Checking Out Premiere Pro Color Correction Tools

Setting Up The Premiere Pro Color Correction Workspace

04m 52s

Presenting Premiere Pro Color Correction Effects

12m 12s

Viewing The Waveform Monitor

07m 31s

Viewing The Vectorscope

06m 24s

Viewing The RGB Parade

09m 43s

Viewing The YCBCR Parade Scope

05m 56s

Chapter: Adjusting Tonality In Premiere Pro

Using The Waveform Scope To Analyze Tonality

07m 19s

Curves Vs. Numeric Controls

10m 14s

Adjusting Tonality With The Luma Curve Video Effect

10m 47s

Adjusting Tonality With Numeric Controls

12m 58s

Specialized Tonality Adjustments

08m 18s

Chapter: Adjusting Overall Color In Premiere Pro

Basic Color Concepts

09m 42s

Color Wheels Vs. Curves

12m 8s

The Fast Color Corrector

14m 24s

Adjusting Color With RGB Curves

13m 9s

Creating A Film-Like Appearance - Lumetri Looks

08m 14s

Chapter: Secondary Color Correction Techniques In Premiere Pro

Secondary Color Correction Concepts

08m 32s

Using The Track Matte Key Effect

10m 18s

Creating And Animating Traveling Mattes

11m 19s

Adding Vignettes

11m 8s

Changing A Single Color - Three Techniques

14m 58s

Leaving A Single Color And Tinting

08m 47s

Changing And Using Tonal Range Definitions

10m 0s

Using Secondary Correction Controls Within Effects

06m 52s

Chapter: Introducing SpeedGrade And Its Connection To Premiere Pro

Understanding The SpeedGrade Workspace

07m 43s

The Premiere Pro And SpeedGrade Workflow

08m 31s

Examining SpeedGrade Scopes

09m 21s

Explaining SpeedGrade Tonality And Color Controls

09m 45s

Chapter: Primary Tonality And Color Correction In SpeedGrade

Performing Tonality Corrections

06m 18s

Explaining Premiere Pro To SpeedGrade Effects Order

04m 29s

Adjusting Color

09m 58s

Color And Tonality - Auto-Matching

07m 48s

Color And Tonality - Manual Matching

10m 21s

Chapter: Secondary Color Correction In SpeedGrade

Using Masks For Vignettes And Other Color Correction Tasks

13m 33s

Animating Mask Size, Shape, And Position

13m 45s

Using Secondary Layer Masking Techniques

08m 22s

Chapter: Working With Effects, Look-Up Tables, And Looks

Using SpeedGrade Effects

11m 34s

Working With Look-Up Tables - SpeedGrade LUTs

07m 57s

Following The SpeedLooks Workflow

09m 14s

Applying And Adjusting Looks

10m 19s

Creating And Saving Custom Looks

10m 18s

Animating Effects And Color Grading

04m 33s

Chapter: Conclusion

Additional Resources And Goodbye

01m 55s