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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction - Chapter 1

00m 48s

About Andy

02m 58s

Ground Rules

04m 25s

Top Ten Power Shortcuts From Andy

12m 43s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Organization Through The Bridge

Introduction - Chapter 2

00m 43s

The Bridge Workspace

04m 33s

Organizing Images By Rate And Rank

05m 0s

Working With Image Stacks

03m 4s

Working With Metadata And Keywords

04m 51s

Using Collections And Smart Collections

04m 44s

Performing A Batch Rename

02m 39s

Capturing An Image From A Camera To Bridge

02m 4s

Working Smart With Mini Bridge

02m 31s

Chapter: Cradle To Grave Image Management

Introduction - Chapter 3

00m 31s

The Best Way To Calibrate A Monitor

06m 35s

Standardizing Color Management

04m 43s

Adjusting Color Picker Options

02m 57s

Working With Image Interpolation

03m 20s

ICC Profiles Explained

04m 24s

Handling Profiles Within An Image

08m 16s

Setting Performance Settings

06m 17s

Chapter: Common Photographic Techniques

Introduction - Chapter 4

00m 22s

Image Color And Bit Depth

05m 47s

Image Resizing Techniques

07m 14s

Cropping And Straightening

03m 48s

Working With Perspective Warp

06m 26s

Chapter: Working With Camera Raw Files

Introduction - Chapter 5

00m 31s

Camera Raw Preferences

04m 50s

The Camera Raw Plug-In

08m 25s

Dealing Directly With Color And Balance

06m 0s

Cropping And Straightening Images

05m 53s

Applying Settings To Multiple Images

03m 24s

Chapter: Reducing Digital Noise

Introduction - Chapter 6

00m 28s

What Is Digital Noise?

04m 20s

Noise Reduction Through Filters

07m 53s

Reducing Noise Using Channels

04m 56s

Noise Reduction Using The Raw Plug-In

03m 46s

Chapter: Giving Digital Images A Bit Of Help

Introduction - Chapter 7

00m 37s

The Amazing Clone Tool

10m 12s

Working With The Healing Brushes

04m 24s

Removing Unwanted Background Objects

04m 37s

Working With Facial Features

02m 59s

Whitening Teeth

03m 45s

Adding A Dash Of Color

02m 33s

Moving Objects

03m 18s

Handling The Dreaded Red Eye Problem

02m 35s

Chapter: Increasing Image Sharpness

Introduction - Chapter 8

00m 43s

Sharpening Images The Photoshop Way

07m 5s

Working With Smart Sharpen

05m 44s

The Unsharp Mask Filter

04m 47s

Sharpening With The High Pass Filter

02m 55s

Focusing Attention With Sharpen And Blur

05m 22s

Using The Shake Reduction Filter

05m 21s

Chapter: Removing Distortion And Correcting Perspective

Introduction - Chapter 9

00m 31s

Lens Correction Using Camera Raw

04m 54s

Auto Lens Correction

03m 23s

Manual Lens Correction

03m 39s

Working With Perspective Crop

02m 57s

Using Perspective Warp

08m 20s

Chapter: Working With Multiple Images

Introduction - Chapter 10

00m 28s

Combining Multiple Images With Masks

07m 0s

Using Two Images To Fix One

03m 47s

The Amazing Photomerge Feature

04m 41s

Moving Beyond Drop Shadow

04m 50s

Moving Objects Within An Image

06m 19s

Chapter: Creative Blur Effects

Introduction - Chapter 11

00m 31s

Working With Field Blur

04m 14s

Understanding Iris Blur

03m 55s

Using Tilt And Shift

04m 2s

Working With The Bokeh Effect

04m 30s

Chapter: Light, Shadows, And Lens Flairs

Introduction - Chapter 12

00m 41s

Working With Lighting Effects

05m 23s

More Creative Lighting Effects

04m 41s

Creating A Customized Lighting Effect

06m 35s

Turning Day Into Night

04m 47s

Adding A Movable Lens Flair

03m 7s

Chapter: Working With HDR Images

Introduction - Chapter 13

00m 32s

Working With Mini Bridge

02m 39s

Generating An HDR Image

08m 49s

Enhancing HDR Images In Photoshop

04m 41s

Chapter: Converting Images To Black And White And More

Introduction - Chapter 14

00m 32s

Converting Images To Black And White

06m 58s

Aging An Image

08m 42s

Creating Borders Using Displacement Maps

05m 2s

Generating A Picture-In Picture Image

03m 57s

Adding An Etherial Effect To An Image

05m 15s

Chapter: Cloning, Healing And Patching Techniques

Introduction - Chapter 15

00m 31s

Working With Clone Source Options

04m 54s

Creative Uses For The Clone Tool

04m 37s

Using The Clone Pattern Stamp

05m 17s

Working With The Spot Healing Brush

06m 11s

Cloning Techniques With Vanishing Point

05m 54s

Correcting Photos With The Patch Tool

04m 20s

Chapter: Enhancing Portraits

Introduction - Chapter 16

00m 24s

Creative Wrinkle Removal

06m 4s

Using The Spot Healing Brush Tool

05m 16s

Changing The Overall Mood Of A Portrait

03m 22s

Removing The Background Of A Complex Image

06m 23s

Enhancing Lips, And Eyes

05m 14s

Enhancing Eyebrows

03m 15s

Changing Hair Color

03m 58s

Chapter: Photographic Adjustments With Levels

Introduction - Chapter 17

00m 31s

Working With The Levels Adjustment Layer

09m 37s

Increasing Image Contrast

05m 26s

Giving Help To Old Images

03m 36s

Correcting Pesky Color Casts

02m 58s

Chapter: Image Adjustments With Curves

Introduction - Chapter 18

00m 32s

Adjusting Images With Curves

06m 24s

Three Methods For Improving Image Contrast

04m 0s

Creative Masking Techniques

04m 33s

Chapter: Solving Color Problems And More

Introduction - Chapter 19

00m 34s

Solving Compatibility Issue With The DNG Format

06m 11s

Correcting Images In 16-Bit Mode

04m 29s

Adjusting Color Using The Raw Plug-In

03m 8s

Adjusting Color On Multiple Images

03m 57s

Correcting Images By The Numbers

04m 57s

Chapter: Dodging, Burning, And Sponging

Introduction - Chapter 20

00m 39s

Basic Dodging Techniques

06m 32s

Using The Burn Tool

03m 54s

Adding And Removing Color With The Sponge Tool

06m 24s

Dodging And Burning With Blending Modes

03m 54s

Non-Destructive Dodging And Burning With Adjustment Layers

03m 13s

Chapter: Image Tips And Tricks

Introduction - Chapter 21

00m 27s

Adding A Decorative Border

04m 1s

Creating Custom Borders With Layer Masks

03m 29s

Saving Custom Formats

02m 21s

Quick Image Processing

02m 21s

Quickly Aging An Image

02m 9s

Generating An Image Map

03m 4s

Chapter: The Art Of The Print

Introduction - Chapter 22

00m 42s

Working With Color Settings

05m 16s

Sharing With Behance

01m 48s

Setting Up A Camera Raw Workflow

01m 38s

Working With Soft Proofing

04m 3s

The Print

03m 15s

Closing Thoughts

00m 51s