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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started With Audio And Video

What You Will Learn

00m 46s

About The Author

01m 3s

Tools We Will Need

06m 11s

A Brief History Of How We Got Here

03m 17s

Understanding Video Containers And Codecs

04m 7s

Understanding Audio Containers And Codecs

02m 13s

Current Browser Support for Audio And Video Formats

06m 2s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Adding Audio And Video To Our Web Projects

The Basics Of Inserting Video With HTML5

06m 2s

The Basics Of Inserting Audio With HTML5

02m 15s

Setting Media Playback Dimensions

09m 52s

Setting Up Fallback Video Formats

09m 6s

Setting Up Fallback Audio Formats

05m 44s

Pre-Loading Your Web Videos

07m 24s

Muting Media

02m 30s

Using Autoplay With Your Videos

01m 45s

Looping Media Playback

01m 15s

Inserting Video Poster Frames

03m 34s

Chapter: Additional Options For Handling Media

Providing Flash Fallback For Older Browsers

05m 35s

Fallback With Download Links

04m 26s

Adding Subtitles And Captions With The Track Element

05m 10s

Mobile Playback With Responsive Video

08m 9s

Using Video Embed Builders

05m 43s

Chapter: Encoding Media For HTML5 Projects

Encoding MP4 Video With Handbrake

03m 58s

Encoding Ogg And WebM With Firefogg

03m 56s

Encoding Audio With VLC

05m 6s

Chapter: Wrapping Up

Where To Go From Here

02m 50s