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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What You Will Accomplish

01m 22s

About The Author

01m 41s

Chapter: User Interface

Application Menu

05m 27s


05m 28s

Options Bar

01m 7s

Moving And Docking Properties

02m 51s

Project Browser

04m 11s

Viewing And Drawing Area

03m 44s

Properties Palette - Chapter 2

05m 48s

Quick Access Toolbar

03m 58s

Status Bar

01m 20s

Zooming Tools

04m 21s

Chapter: Things You Must Do First

Template Overview

03m 29s

Project Origin

02m 25s

Project Location

02m 28s

True And Project North

04m 15s


02m 51s


06m 12s


06m 40s

Chapter: Column Grids

Column Grids

06m 19s

Column Type Differences

05m 6s

Column Loading

04m 28s

Column Placement

03m 29s

Column Copy To Levels

03m 50s

Chapter: Walls

Wall Ribbon

03m 7s

Wall Shape

04m 4s

Wall Options

05m 47s

Wall Types

03m 43s

Detail Level

03m 33s

Properties Palette - Chapter 5

04m 36s

Basic Wall

09m 14s

Curtain Wall

04m 17s

Offset Wall

02m 33s

Trim Wall

03m 39s

Split Wall

02m 39s

Align Wall

02m 49s

Chapter: Doors And Windows

Load Door And Windows

06m 32s

Place Door

04m 15s

Placing Doors in Curtain Walls

04m 36s

Place Window

04m 7s

Window Spacing

04m 10s

Door Tags

02m 59s

Chapter: Views

Default 3D View

02m 57s


05m 42s


04m 40s


06m 31s

Duplicating Views

06m 9s

Tile Windows

03m 44s

Close Hidden Windows

02m 8s

Sheet Creation

04m 16s

Active View

01m 50s

View Scaling

02m 54s

Crop Region

04m 24s

Viewport Titles

04m 1s

Chapter: Floors


07m 48s

Edit Sketch

03m 51s

Copy Floors

01m 57s

Floor Opening

02m 22s

Sloped Floor

02m 41s

Custom Floor

03m 34s

Chapter: Roofs


04m 4s

Gable Roof

04m 26s

Roof Type

01m 58s

Chapter: Ceilings


02m 16s

Sketch Mode And Automatic

07m 3s

Making And Editing Types

03m 42s


03m 46s

Array And Copy Lights

04m 14s

Chapter: Casework

Load And Place Casework

05m 20s

Load And Place Counter

02m 56s

Load And Place Sink

06m 34s

Chapter: Stairs

Stair By Component

05m 23s

Adjust Stair Opening

02m 6s

Adding Rail

05m 16s

Stair Properties

03m 28s

Railing Properties

04m 49s

Chapter: Topography


02m 44s


02m 40s

Chapter: Rooms

Room Objects

05m 34s

Room Object Properties

04m 22s

Room Tag

01m 47s

Chapter: Rendering

Preparing The Scene

03m 24s


06m 15s

Chapter: Graphics

Visibility Graphics

05m 51s

Temporary View Properties

02m 52s

Hiding And Revealing Elements

04m 16s

Visual Styles

04m 4s

Linework Tool

02m 58s

Sketchy Lines

02m 23s

Chapter: Detailing

Sections And Callouts

05m 23s


07m 49s


12m 6s

Filled Regions

01m 45s

Detail Components

04m 31s

Detail Lines

05m 21s

Drafting View

04m 35s

Revisions And Revision Clouds

05m 49s

Chapter: Modify Tools


04m 35s


02m 5s


02m 48s


04m 27s


02m 30s

Trim And Extend

02m 40s


03m 8s


03m 24s

Object Draw Order

02m 22s

Chapter: Printing And Exporting


07m 30s

Export To CAD

05m 29s

Chapter: Linking Files

Prep CAD Files

09m 1s

Linking CAD Files

04m 22s

Linking Revit Files

03m 3s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

00m 53s