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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction To Revit Architecture 2015 - Advanced

What You Will Accomplish

01m 5s

About The Author

01m 17s

Chapter: Defining Families And Parameters

Defining Families

03m 48s

Defining Parameters

04m 33s

Chapter: Setting Up Annotation Standards

Template Files

03m 42s


07m 16s

Titleblock Stamp

07m 28s

View Titles

05m 37s


02m 53s


02m 35s

Level And Grid Heads

03m 7s

Elevation Tags

04m 22s

Section Tags

03m 54s

Callout Bubbles

04m 46s

Line Styles

02m 51s

Line Weights

03m 29s

Line Patterns

02m 43s

Fill Patterns

04m 22s

Materials - Chapter 3

04m 22s

Object Styles

03m 22s

Chapter: Starting the Project

Project Origin, Levels and Grids

04m 50s

Establishing A Starting View

03m 1s

Chapter: Linking Revit Files

Linking Revit

03m 25s

Copy-Monitor And Coordination Review

05m 32s

Chapter: Phasing

Creating Phases

02m 47s

Objects And Phases

04m 25s

Views And Phases

03m 38s

Phase Filter And Graphic Overrides

03m 38s

Phase Mapping

03m 45s

Chapter: View Management

Project Browser Organization

03m 43s

View Templates

04m 56s

View Filters

06m 53s

Chapter: Site Tools

Preparing AutoCAD

02m 23s

Linking AutoCAD Into Revit

06m 26s


03m 47s

Subregion And Split Surface

04m 12s

Site Component

03m 31s

Tagging Slopes And Elevations

01m 53s

Graded Toposurface

05m 14s

Chapter: Massing Study


07m 21s

Applying Walls To The Mass

05m 36s

Mass Floor Schedule

06m 27s

Presenting Mass Design On A Sheet

07m 51s

Chapter: Walls

Stacked Walls

03m 10s

Wall Joins

08m 8s

Wall Sweeps And Reveals

06m 14s

Modify Return

03m 56s

Extending Wall Layers

02m 47s

Join And Cut Geometry

01m 35s

Interior Wall Finish

07m 58s

Chapter: Curtain Walls

Making And Editing Curtain Wall Types

04m 35s

Curtain Wall - Grids

04m 42s

Curtain Wall - Panels

05m 48s


01m 35s

Corner Mullions

02m 40s

Chapter: Floors

Making And Editing Floor Types

08m 19s

Floor Finishes

08m 45s

Sloping Floors

02m 14s

Editing Floor Shapes

05m 32s

Chapter: Stairs

Making And Editing Stair Types

04m 20s

Editing The Sketch

04m 38s

Rails Placement

04m 42s

Chapter: Ramps

Making And Editing Ramp Types

03m 39s

Parking Garage Ramps Using Floors

04m 52s

Chapter: Railings

Making And Editing Railing Types

05m 12s

Editing The Railing Sketch

02m 36s

Chapter: Roofs

Making And Editing Roof Types

07m 25s

Fascia And Eaves

03m 35s


03m 56s

Chapter: Ceilings

Adding A Ceiling

04m 41s

Adding Ceiling Components

03m 43s

Chapter: Grouping

Grouping Components

06m 2s

Inserting Groups

01m 53s

Editing Groups

05m 56s

Chapter: Parts

Creating Parts

04m 37s

Modifying And Parts Visibility

04m 39s

Chapter: Assemblies

Creating Assemblies

03m 57s

Modifying Assemblies

02m 5s

Chapter: Areas And Rooms

Area And Volume Of A Room

06m 1s

Area Plans

03m 28s

Area Objects

04m 21s

Colour Legends

04m 1s

Chapter: Scheduling

Area Schedules

02m 7s

Filtering, Sorting And Grouping

03m 56s

Formatting And Appearance

05m 51s

Calculated Parameters And Formulas

03m 37s

Chapter: Detailing

Adding Detail Components And Annotation

05m 53s

Grouping Details

05m 47s

Exporting And Importing Details

06m 17s

3D Callout Views

04m 51s

Exploded Axonometric Views

05m 53s

3D Details

02m 48s


07m 52s

Creating Keynotes

05m 53s

Chapter: Presentations

Materials - Chapter 24

05m 2s


05m 30s

Decals And 3D Model Text

08m 40s

Background Image Or Colour

03m 40s

Exterior And Interior Rendering

03m 16s


07m 14s

Chapter: Sharing Your Work

Worksharing Setup

05m 58s

Using Worksharing

09m 44s

Chapter: Wrap-Up


03m 51s