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Table of Contents

Chapter: SolidWorks - Molded Part Design

What You Should Expect From This Course

00m 44s

About The Author

00m 45s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Started

Setting Up Your Command Manager And Toolbars

02m 29s

Design Guidelines

07m 20s

Setting Up A Template

09m 19s

Chapter: Simple Molded Part

Extruded Draft - Thin Feature

03m 48s

Extruded Draft - Shell

01m 35s

Extrude Draft Feature

07m 8s

Extrude Surface Draft

02m 42s

Fillets And Draft

05m 31s

Thicken Vs. Shell

04m 44s

Chapter: Molded Features

Screw Boss - Part 1

08m 21s

Screw Boss - Part 2

06m 26s

Locating Pin

08m 30s

Lip And Groove - Part 1

09m 0s

Lip And Groove - Part 2

09m 14s

Snap Latch - Part 1

05m 9s

Snap Latch - Part 2

09m 59s

Living Hinge

05m 27s

Slides - Part 1

08m 22s

Slides - Part 2

08m 31s

Separate Fastening Features

02m 48s


03m 39s


04m 23s

Molded Inserts

06m 23s


02m 36s

Chapter: Complex Molded Shapes

Base Shape Design - Part 1

06m 20s

Base Shape Design - Part 2

05m 56s

Curvature And Adding Features

03m 8s

Chapter: Parting Line Design

Straight Pull Molds

06m 27s

Side Pull

02m 25s

Chapter: Manual Draft Fixes


04m 51s


09m 21s

Move Face

03m 31s

Wall Thickness Issues

03m 15s

Chapter: Design Check

Draft Analysis

01m 22s

Parting Line Analysis

01m 30s

Undercut Analysis

02m 27s

Thickness Analysis

03m 20s

Chapter: Multi-Body Complex Part Method

Base Shape Creation - TV Remote

09m 11s

Split And Shell

04m 22s

Lip And Groove

06m 22s

Fastening Features

09m 38s

Save Bodies

07m 25s

Detail Work - Part 1

06m 42s

Detail Work - Part 2

10m 22s

Part Analysis

06m 47s

Finishing Touches

06m 24s

Chapter: Wrap-Up


01m 46s