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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About Grails

01m 14s

About The Author

01m 16s

Project Overview

00m 55s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: What Is Grails?

Model-View-Controller Frameworks

03m 20s

The Grails Architecture

01m 43s

Chapter: Installing A Grails Development Area

Installing Grails On Windows

03m 7s

Setting Windows Environment Variables

04m 35s

Installing Grails On OSX And Linux

05m 42s

Installing The Groovy-Grails Tool Suite

04m 57s

Basic Project Setup

04m 22s

Using The Latest Version

02m 16s

Chapter: Creating A Basic Application Stack

Creating A New Application

05m 44s

Creating A Controller

05m 19s

Creating A View

07m 6s

Creating A Model

07m 5s

Accessing A Model

08m 33s

Chapter: Designing The Data Layer

Creating An Entity Relationship Diagram

05m 32s

Field Types

05m 1s

Relationships Between Domain Classes

05m 45s

Refactoring with GGTS

04m 27s

Dynamic Scaffolding

06m 48s

Static Scaffolding

04m 59s

Constraints - Field Order

04m 4s

Constraints - Nullable Fields

03m 19s

Constraints - Field Value Size

02m 58s

Constraints - Field Value Contents

03m 56s

Bootstrapping Data

04m 14s

Chapter: Designing The Web Layer

Skinning - Creating A Logo

04m 46s

Skinning - Adding A Favourite Icon

02m 26s

Skinning - Picking Colors

02m 44s

Skinning - Modifying Colors

04m 50s

Structure Of A View

05m 10s

Text Fields

06m 53s

Selectable Fields

07m 7s

Select Fields

03m 30s

Installing Bootstrap

04m 59s

What Is A Fluid Grid?

03m 11s

Adding The Kiosk Banner

06m 40s

Kiosk Welcome Message And Phone Number

05m 44s

Creating The Button Pad

05m 21s

Button Colors

03m 12s

Activating The Pad Buttons

03m 40s

Chapter: Designing The Logic Layer


09m 14s

Building Strings

03m 36s

Calculating Strings

04m 12s

Conditional Branching

08m 20s

Switch Statement

03m 32s

Passing Data

05m 3s

Using Services

06m 25s

Chapter: Managing Data With GORM

List Queries

07m 40s

Dynamic Finders

05m 0s


06m 8s

CRUD - List And Create

05m 35s

CRUD - Save And Show

04m 48s

CRUD - Edit, Update, And Delete

05m 39s

Looping Through Data

07m 8s

Chapter: Finishing The Application

Linking The Delete Button

03m 33s

Linking The Go Button

02m 56s

Outlining The Action

02m 51s

Creating The Action

07m 10s

Running Full Stack

05m 4s

Finishing The Service - Part 1

07m 6s

Finishing The Service - Part 2

10m 45s

Creating The Profile View

05m 38s

Formatting The Phone Number

08m 31s

Chapter: Application Deployment

Packaging The Application

03m 26s

Creating An AppFog Account

03m 55s

Installing The AppFog Tools

02m 23s

Pushing The Application

05m 43s

Updating The Application

01m 58s

Chapter: Conclusion

Next Steps

01m 14s