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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What Is Big Data?

06m 24s

About The Author

02m 49s

Historical Approaches

07m 49s

Big data In The Modern World

10m 19s

The Hadoop Approach

09m 55s

Hadoop Hardware Requirements

11m 26s

Hadoop Core Vs. Ecosystem

06m 51s

Hadoopable Problems

06m 43s

Hadoop Support Companies

05m 40s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Hadoop Basics

HDFS And MapReduce

07m 55s

Hadoop Run Modes And Job Types

05m 47s

Hadoop Software Requirements And Recommendations

03m 15s

Hadoop in the Cloud - Amazon Web Services

04m 51s

Lab - Installing Hadoop From CDH With Cloudera Manager - Part 1

10m 32s

Lab - Installing Hadoop From CDH With Cloudera Manager - Part 2

05m 46s

Lab - Installing Hadoop From CDH With Cloudera Manager - Part 3

10m 14s

Lab - Installing Hadoop From CDH With Cloudera Manager - Part 4

08m 46s

Introduction To Hive And Pig Interface

05m 48s

Installing Cloudera Quickstart VM

10m 59s

Chapter: Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

HDFS Architecture

08m 11s

HDFS File Write Walkthrough

12m 19s

Secondary Name Node

03m 32s

Lab - Using HDFS - Part 1

07m 31s

Lab - Using HDFS - Part 2

09m 13s

HA And Federation Basics

07m 1s

HDFS Access Controls

07m 23s

Chapter: MapReduce

MapReduce Explained

10m 44s

MapReduce Architecture

05m 25s

MapReduce Code Walkthrough - Part 1

11m 49s

MapReduce Code Walkthrough - Part 2

15m 48s

MapReduce Job Walkthrough

09m 49s

Rack Awareness

03m 47s

Advanced MapReduce - Partioners, Combiners, Comparators And More

11m 54s

Partitioner Code Walkthrough

08m 2s

Java Concerns

10m 10s

Chapter: Logging And Debugging

Debugging Basics

15m 4s

Benchmarking With Teragen And Terasort

10m 15s

Chapter: Hive, Pig, And Impala

Comparing Hive, Pig And Impala

05m 30s

Hive Basics

08m 36s

Hive Patterns And Anti-Patterns

01m 54s

Lab - Hive Basic Usage

19m 26s

Pig Basics

08m 36s

Pig Patterns And Anti-Patterns

02m 13s

Lab - Pig Basic Usage

22m 49s

Impala Fundamentals

05m 36s

Chapter: Data Import And Export

Import And Export Options

08m 13s

Flume Introduction

08m 11s

Lab - Using Flume

13m 47s

HDFS Interaction Tools

06m 43s

Sqoop Introduction

06m 46s

Lab - Using Sqoop

18m 32s

Oozie Introduction

07m 0s

Chapter: Conclusion


02m 28s