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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setup

Installing NetBeans

02m 13s

Installing MongoDB

02m 9s

Installing MongoVUE

01m 40s

Create an Online MongoDB Account

02m 1s

Connecting to a Remote MongoDB

02m 17s

Chapter: Creating a Basic Web Application

Creating a Web Application Using NetBeans

03m 27s

Configuring JSF

02m 7s

Configuring PrimeFaces

01m 59s

Configuring Spring

04m 31s

Configuring MongoDB

02m 15s

Chapter: Upgrading the Web Application to Use Spring and PrimeFaces

Creating a PrimeFaces Web Page

05m 31s

Creating a Spring Managed Bean (PrimeFaces)

01m 53s

Linking the Web Page with the Spring Managed Bean

03m 16s

Chapter: Creating the Spring and Mongo Classes for the Screens

Creating the Spring Classes

04m 50s

Creating Mongo DAO

03m 57s

Linking It All Together

07m 49s

Chapter: Building the Admin Screen Selection

Creating the List Page

01m 44s

Creating the Person Data Component

05m 41s

Updating the Admin Managed Bean and Service

04m 37s

Linking It All Together (MongoDB, PrimeFaces, and Spring)

04m 43s

Chapter: Tomcat Security

Upgrading web.xml to Allow Multiple Roles

02m 40s

Upgrading the Tomcat Settings

03m 55s

Chapter: Upgrading Pages to Use CSS

Creating a JSF Template

04m 21s

Using CSS to Make the Template Look Better

05m 12s