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Table of Contents

Chapter: Scratch 2.0 - What It Is

Getting Started: What It Is

06m 10s

Animating and Controlling a Sprite with the Keyboard

11m 39s

Adding Treasures to Collect and Threats to Avoid

09m 36s

Publishing Your Work on the Scratch Website

01m 14s

Chapter: Breakout

Creating a Bouncing Ball

05m 5s

Implementing Ball Interactions with Paddle

05m 16s

A Brick That Vanishes When Hit by the Ball

04m 53s

Creating a Wall of Bricks with Cloning

07m 59s

Adding a "Win Game" State

01m 51s

Chapter: Catch and Avoid

Controlling a Character with the Keyboard

04m 33s

Adding Falling Treasures and Threats

08m 47s

Implementing the Score and Health

02m 39s

Reskinning Sprites

02m 20s

Controlling a Character with the Mouse and Webcam

04m 4s

Chapter: Escape the Room

Creating Multiple Backdrops

01m 55s

Creating a Clickable Hotspot

07m 33s

Linking Objects and Events to Create a Puzzle

05m 8s

Creating an Inventory and Winning Game State

02m 47s

Resetting All Objects for a New Level

03m 25s

Chapter: Base Defense Game

Creating a Home Base and Projectiles

06m 56s

Creating Inbound Targets

07m 38s

Keeping Score and Ending the Game

03m 18s

Increasing the Difficulty

03m 30s

Reskinning the Sprites for Visual Variety

08m 30s

Chapter: Maze Game - Building, Polishing, and Publishing with Scratch 2.0

Creating Artwork

05m 16s

Coding the Gameplay for Level 1

07m 10s

Creating a Deathwall for Level 2

09m 38s

Creating a Deathsquiggle Threat for Level 3 and 4

08m 56s

Polishing and Publishing on the Scratch Website

04m 53s