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Table of Contents

Chapter: Importing Architectural Models in Unity

Introduction and Workflow Overview

03m 4s

From SketchUp to Unity

03m 45s

From ArchiCAD to Unity (Step 1)

02m 50s

From ArchiCAD to Unity (Step 2)

02m 37s

Updating Models

03m 49s

Improving Performance

03m 46s

Chapter: Navigating an Architectural Model

Adding a First-person Controller

05m 27s

Preventing Running through Walls

04m 16s

Adding a Third-person Controller

03m 47s

Loading a Different 3D Character

05m 48s

Adding a Mini-map

04m 24s

Chapter: Improving Materials with Shaders and Textures

Textured Materials with Bump and Specular Mapping

05m 27s

Using a CubeMap for Sky and Clouds

02m 56s

Using a Better Glass Shader

04m 53s

Procedural Materials Using Substances

04m 10s

Cutout Textures Using Alpha Maps

03m 27s

Chapter: Adding Lights and Shadows

Lighting Types

02m 51s

Adding a Sun with Shadows

02m 30s

Interior Lights Using Point and Spot Lights

03m 50s

Lightmapping (Preparation)

02m 24s

Lightmapping (Calculation)

03m 29s

Chapter: Animating Objects and Lighting

Understanding Animation in Unity

02m 53s

Creating a Rotating Cube

03m 29s

Keyframing an Opening Door

02m 38s

Opening and Moving an Elevator

06m 42s

Setting Up a SunStudy Animation

04m 25s

Chapter: Scripting to Add Interactivity

Creating Your First Script

02m 49s

Editing a Script in Monodevelop

03m 33s

Triggering the Rotation of a GameObject

05m 31s

Switching a Material with a Script

05m 51s

Adding a GUI to the Material Switcher

03m 42s

Chapter: Expanding the Scripts

Hiding and Showing Objects

04m 9s

Switching between Cameras

07m 23s

Resetting the Player

06m 13s

Picking Objects

05m 56s

Displaying Object Information

06m 43s

Chapter: Presenting the Final Walkthrough

Bringing Everything Together The Build Settings

03m 35s

Building the Result and Play

03m 24s

Building for other Platforms Example iOS

03m 2s

Compiling and Running the iOS App

02m 48s

Adding a Mobile Controller

01m 46s

Some Final Refinements

05m 13s