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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To Office For The iPad

01m 3s

About Andy

02m 24s

Top Ten Reasons To Use Microsoft Office For The iPad

04m 3s

Chapter: Getting Started

Introduction To Microsoft Office For iPad

00m 34s

What You Will Need

06m 4s

Setting Up An Office 365 Account

03m 29s

Managing Your Account

01m 48s

Making Room For Office On Your iPad

03m 4s

Downloading The Software - iTunes Versus iPad

03m 29s

Chapter: iPad Tips And Tricks

Introduction To Tips And Tricks

00m 38s

Working With The iPad Touch Keyboard

04m 55s

Selection Techniques

02m 13s

Additional Keyboarding Tricks

02m 32s

Using Special Keyboard Characters

02m 51s

Selection Tips And Tricks

02m 7s

Hidden Features On The iPad Keyboard

01m 51s

Chapter: Working With Microsoft Word

Introduction To Word

00m 36s

Microsoft Word Basics

02m 15s

Creating A New Document

03m 47s

Manual Versus Auto-Saving

01m 7s

Opening Existing Documents

02m 29s

Editing Techniques On The iPad

03m 4s

Printing A Document Using AirPrint

01m 16s

Chapter: Working With Microsoft Excel

Introduction To Excel

00m 43s

Microsoft Excel Basics

03m 33s

Creating A New Spreadsheet

03m 54s

Using The Excel Fill Options

03m 1s

Entering A Basic Formula

04m 23s

Basic Editing Techniques In Microsoft Excel

05m 15s

Chapter: Working With Microsoft PowerPoint

Introduction To PowerPoint

00m 41s

Microsoft PowerPoint 101

03m 37s

Generating A Basic Presentation

02m 34s

Editing A Presentation On The iPad

03m 15s

Going Primetime With Your Presentation

01m 56s

Chapter: Additional Considerations

Additional Concerns

01m 8s

Sharing Your Documents With Others

02m 30s

Going From The iPad To The Desktop And Vise Versa

02m 29s

Co-Authoring A Document

02m 57s

Final Thoughts

01m 12s